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Words cannot express how much this championship means to me. It extends far beyond my love of racing. @esc.live has offered all of us a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Together we have championed sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in a world of Motorsport that has desperately been in need of reinvention and inspiration! We have woman competing against men, (and winning), we have racers of different shapes, sizes, colors, genders, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and cultures, coming together with a common purpose: a love of speed and a desire to inspire. I am honored to be part of it! Thank you so much to my incredible team @helbizracing for a memorable first season and everyone @esc.live who made all of this possible!! WE DID IT! @khalilracing @hrag_sarkissian @mr_mazza @instamef1stuff @ruggerocipriani @palella @el132 ????????????????
11/11/2022 05:00
Donuts today. Workout tomorrow. Life’s about balance, baby!????
10/29/2022 10:49
Was so awesome to see my dear friend @officialgarybarlow on “A Different Stage” with his revolutionary own show! You had me laughing, crying and singing my heart out! ???????? you Gaza!
09/15/2022 04:10
Worry less. Paddle more. #lakelife
08/31/2022 05:12
Be a pop of color in a black and white world ????????????????
08/18/2022 11:11
I’m in a flow ????
08/05/2022 08:12
07/21/2022 10:04
???? moments from the past couple of weeks, on film ????
07/06/2022 06:16

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