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Good news from #WorldOceansDay yesterday: #Hawaii Governor David Ige (@GovHawaii) signed House Bill 553 to create a sanctuary for sharks within Hawaii’s state waters. With shark populations declining globally and 3/4 of all shark species possibly facing extinction, this bill is critical to ocean health and resiliency. ???? @gabbardaloha @rewild @forthefishes ????: @kaikea.nakachi
06/09/2021 09:36
The freedom to vote is under attack around the country by partisan lawmakers and dark money special interests. Congress must do whatever it takes to pass the #ForThePeopleAct. Take action today ➡️ actforthepeople.com @StopBigMoney @DemRedistrict @allontheline
06/09/2021 05:59
The wilds of mainland #Australia are experiencing a special kind of baby boom—one that hasn’t happened there in more than 3,000 years. @AussieArk, in partnership with @Rewild and @wild.ark, are celebrating the birth of 7 Tasmanian Devil joeys born to adults released last year into a 400-hectare (1,000 acres) wild sanctuary for the first time ever. Tasmanian Devils vanished entirely from mainland Australia in large part because they were outcompeted by introduced Dingoes, which hunt in packs. Dingoes never made it to Tasmania, but across the island state, a transmissible, painful and fatal disease called Devil Facial Tumor Disease—the only known contagious cancer—decimated up to 90 percent of the wild population of Tasmanian Devils. Just 25,000 devils are left in the wild of Tasmania today. These little devils are giving us hope not only for the future of their species, but for the future of Australia’s ecosystems.
06/04/2021 05:54
The Kichwa people’s lawsuit over Ecuador’s biggest oil spill in a decade is headed to the country’s highest court. Indigenous communities’ tireless fight for #JusticeForTheAmazon now hits the steps of Ecuador’s Constitutional (Supreme) Court with an opportunity to set a national precedent and reverse the lower courts’ ruling that reinforced a decades-long legacy of impunity for Ecuador’s oil industry to pollute the Amazon without consequence, and more importantly without remediating the region’s fragile ecosystems or repairing the damage done to Indigenous communities. In a time of climate crisis, accelerating biodiversity and species loss, and growing unrest due to environmental racism and systemic discrimination against Indigenous people and People of Color, the @cconstitucionalecu has a tremendous opportunity to set an example in Ecuador and worldwide. What happens in the Amazon matters everywhere, and the world will be watching for the outcome of this case. They need our help. Sign this letter to the Court to ensure the judges hear our global call for justice and the #RightsofNature ➡️ bitly.com/JusticeForAmazon (link in bio) @coica_amazonia_oficial @Conaie @Confeniae @AmazonFrontlines
06/03/2021 05:47
From the @WorldEconomicForum: We have pushed the planet to its limit. Learn more about the catastrophic effects of climate change - and why all hope is not lost using the link in the @worldeconomicforum bio. #environment #nature #climatechange #sustainability #globalwarming
06/01/2021 07:43
One of the most biologically diverse and spectacular places on the planet—the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s @virunganationalpark—is facing another hardship in an already challenging year. This past weekend’s eruption of Mount Nyirangongo cut off roads to popular tourist destinations within the park just ahead of tourism season, threatening a critical loss of revenue for the park and its efforts to protect and restore wildlife and ecosystems. You can help. Make a donation today to the Virunga Fund, a partnership that includes @rewild and @eu_partnerships, to ensure the park can continue this important work, in addition to helping ensure the safety and security of local communities. 100% of your donations will go toward Virunga’s rangers and the necessary operational costs. See link in bio. Photo: Mount Nyirangongo eruption from a previous year. (Photo courtesy of Virunga National Park)
05/28/2021 07:50
Meet Fern the Fernandina Giant Tortoise, who, according to a recent analysis by @yale led by Dr. Gisella Caccone, is a genetic match with the only individual Fernandina Giant Tortoise ever found- in 1906! This news comes a week after @rewild announced a bold initiative with key partners to protect and rewild the Galápagos and beyond. Fern was found during a 2019 expedition to Fernandina Island led by @parquegalapagos and @galapagosconservancy. When the expedition team found Fern in 2019, she was on the flank of a volcano, tucked deep inside a shrub complex. The main question the team had to answer was whether she was, in fact, the possibly extinct Fernandina Giant Tortoise or another species. Now that the mystery is solved, Re:wild and Galapagos Conservancy are working to join efforts by the Galápagos National Park to support further expeditions. Supporters of the genetic analysis include Re:wild, @turtleconservancy, @mbzfund and Galapagos Conservancy. #conservationoptimism #rewild #rewildourworld #earthoptimism #lostspeciesfound Photo: © Lucas Bustamante (@luksth)
05/28/2021 02:01
The For the People Act is exactly that. For the people. For the people who believe in democracy. For the people who believe in hearing all voices. For the people who believe that voting should be easy, accessible and convenient to ALL. Visit go2vote.org (link in bio) to #CallOutYourSenators and tell them you want them to vote YES on the #ForThePeopleAct. We are all in this together.
05/27/2021 07:19
3 amazing ways the ocean stores CO2 - 3 vital reasons we need to protect the ocean. Find out how marine life could 'fix' nearly a fifth of global carbon by tapping the link in the @worldeconomicforum bio. #environment #sustainability #ocean #climatechange #globalwarming #OceanDialogues
05/26/2021 07:17
”Our relationship with nature is broken. But relationships can change. When we protect nature - we are nature protecting itself.” Thank you @mercyforanimals for sponsoring this film by @tommustill and me. #ForNature #BiodiversityDay (A film by Tom Mustill @tommustill Music by George FitzGerald @georgefitzmusic Editor Bram De Jonghe @bramonthego Thanks to Coppershell Farm Sanctuary @coppershellfarm Producer Evie Wright @evaniakeziaoofs Sponsored by @MercyForAnimals A Gripping Films Production)
05/25/2021 06:07
Congratulations to Dr. Jane Goodall @JaneGoodallInst on receiving the @TempletonPrize Laureate for 2021. Dr. Goodall has long been an inspiration to me, devoting over 60 years helping to shape animal behavioral research, conservation and activism on an international scale. This is an incredible accolade and extremely well deserved. #CongratsJane #JaneGoodall #TempletonPrize
05/21/2021 11:32
Thank you to Paula A. Castaño (@paulainthefield) and the @IslandConservation team for taking the time to share some of the incredible rewilding efforts from the Galápagos Islands. And thank you to the many generous philanthropic and environmental organizations coming together to support this collective effort. If you missed Paula’s Instagram Story takeover, you can click the Re:wild Story Highlight in my profile to watch. Make sure you follow @paulainthefield and @Rewild to stay up to date as they continue to rewild the Galápagos. #rewild #rewilding #galapagos #galapagosislands
05/18/2021 05:30

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