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I am proud to stand with the people of Brazil calling on all 12 presidential candidates to publicly commit to four critical actions for our planet: ending deforestation, reducing emissions, respecting Indigenous peoples’ rights and lands, and strengthening the system of protected areas. Show your support through the @GLBLCTZN petition at the link in bio.--Tenho orgulho de estar ao lado do povo brasileiro convocando todos os 12 candidatos a presidente a se comprometerem publicamente com quatro ações críticas para o nosso planeta: acabar com o desmatamento, reduzir as emissões, respeitar os direitos e os territórios dos povos indígenas e fortalecer o sistema de áreas protegidas. Mostre seu apoio através da petição @GLBLCTZN no link na bio.@Rewild @redeprouc @cepbofficial @menos1lixo#RewildBrazil
09/15/2022 08:40
Young people in Portugal are fighting against powerful European governments to protect their homelands and livelihoods that have been destroyed by extreme weather conditions, like the above pictured Pedrógão Grande that was ravaged by wildfires in 2017. These cases are being heard by the court of human rights.In their climate litigation, financed by crowdfunding, these young activists argue that the climate crisis interferes with their right to life, respect, and even their right not to be discriminated against. The goal is to legally bind governments to increase emissions cuts locally and internationally. Read more on why climate crisis has become a human rights issue and how some young citizens are fighting against it at the link in bio from @TheGuardian.Photo Credit: Miguel Riopa/AFP/Getty Images
08/26/2022 11:20
Congress just took the biggest #ClimateAction in U.S. history, passing the Inflation Reduction Act. It will help reduce emissions by 40% from 2005 levels, averting the worst impacts of the climate crisis while investing in communities and creating clean energy jobs.This bill will not solve the climate crisis, but it is a major step forward as we continue the important work ahead of us. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and advance justice in order to address the environmental inequities that communities of color and low-income communities continue to face. Keep up with @NRDC_Action’s continuous push on elected officials to pass laws that meet community and climate needs.
08/13/2022 12:05
Today marks a very special #GlobalTigerDay in this #YearoftheTiger. Nepal has announced that the country has achieved its global commitment, made in the 2010 Year of the Tiger, to double the country’s wild tiger population by 2022. Congratulations to #Nepal for this impressive milestone.A 2022 survey revealed there are an estimated 355 tigers now in the country, up from 121 individual in 2010. It’s an incredible achievement and testament to the conservation efforts of the government, partners like @World_Wildlife, and local communities over the last 12 years. With more tigers comes the need for more focus on safe co-existence between people and predators, and it is welcome news that Nepal has launched the “Prime Minister Human Wildlife Rescue and Relief Fund” to address the challenges of living with tigers. #TX2
07/29/2022 08:47
In Long Island, NY, residents, together with local organizations, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr., and Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming, are urging PSEG Long Island and Long Island Power Authority to cease its proposed plans to run a 5.2-mile underground power cable between its substations in Bridgehampton and East Hampton. This right-of-way bisects the Long Pond Greenbelt, a roughly 800-acre expanse of coastal plain ponds, wetlands, and woods stretching from Sag Harbor to Sagaponack. PSEG Long Island proposed clearing an acre of its property near the Great Swamp preserve for use as a staging area and using fracking, for an 0.8-mile portion of the cable that would destroy an area under a vernal pool in the Greenbelt – a known habitat of the endangered tiger salamander and other species of global significance.“It is an area that lends itself not only to the appreciation of nature but recreation. It is one of a kind, and it can’t be replaced.” said Assemblyman Thiele. “Literally tens of millions of dollars have been spent in public money to protect the resource that is the Long Pond Greenbelt”. Thiele encouraged PSEG to work with the community to find a solution that protects “everything that is special about the Long Pond Greenbelt.”This community is dedicated to the preservation of the area and needs our help. Please consider signing Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt's petition to help protect this unique nature preserve at the #linkinbio. Climate change and nature destruction affects us all. Sharing this story kicks off a series of highlighting events and issues at the local level, in hopes that it inspires action to #savetheplanet in our own neighborhoods. #OurLocalPlanet @psegli @fred.w.thiele @bridgetforcongress @longpondgreenbelt @groupfortheeastend
07/08/2022 08:54
Brazil’s Yanomami peoples are an inspiring example of how Indigenous-led ecotourism can benefit local communities, international tourists, and the planet. The Yanomami developed an ecotourism program to Brazil’s highest peak, the Amazon’s Yaripo (also known as Pico da Neblina – translated in English to "Misty Peak”). With support from @socioambiental, @Rewild and more partners, the program enables the indigenous community to hold the roles of tour guides, porters, boat pilots, boat hands, chefs, and business administrators. This positioning ensures minimal impact to the invaluable site and its environment, financially supports their own communities, and teaches international tourists about the history of the mountain and this sacred place. First photo from left to right: José Mário (president of AYRCA), Miguel Yanomami (traditional leader) and Valdemar Lins, Yaripo project coordinator. (Photo by Vanessa Marino)Second photo of Ariabú village, one of the villages leading the ecotourism plan. (Photo by Marcos Amend)
06/21/2022 02:39
A major step toward #CleanEnergy, @POTUS @JoeBiden has invoked the Defense Production Act enabling @ENERGY to expand our solar power resources, lower energy costs, and create impactful job opportunities.
06/07/2022 01:33
Theodore Roosevelt was a passionate conservationist and the first U.S. president to make conservation a national priority. The @History Channel will air a two-night documentary event on Memorial Day, telling the story of one of America’s most remarkable presidents. Watch #TheodoreRoosevelt beginning May 30 at 8/7c on @historytv
05/18/2022 10:05

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