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New York could become the first U.S. state to prevent its public procurement from driving tropical deforestation, defending the planet from further climate catastrophe and ecological breakdown.The NY TREES Act would require companies contracting with state and local governments to prove their supply chains are not contributing to tropical deforestation or associated abuses of human rights. This policy follows in the footsteps of the European Union, which enacted its own economy-wide deforestation regulations in June 2023.Visit the link in bio to support @govkathyhochul in signing the NY TREES Act into law to deliver on this vital climate action.Photo credit: @robindmoore
05/29/2024 01:32
Against all odds, threatened species continue to thrive within the borders of the Kayapo Indigenous territory. In Brazil’s Para state, industrial expansion borders the forested territory of the Kayapo people. The rich biodiversity of their nearly pristine rainforest is a testament to the courage, determination, and organization of the Kayapo people. Endangered species such as the Giant Otter and White-cheeked Spider Monkey serve as indicators of ecosystem health, their survival depends on healthy ecosystems free of deforestation and pollution. The Kayapo people are guardians of the Amazon Rainforest. Learn more about the conservation success of the @kayapoproject and their work to help protect Kayapo territory and preserve corridors for threatened species - link in bio! #EndangeredSpeciesDay #EndangeredSpeciesVideo credit: @coletivobetureCover images: @martinschoeller
05/17/2024 01:05
52% of water from the Colorado River is used for the agriculture industry, a new study finds. The paper, published in Communications, Earth & Environment, looks at where the water in the river—which is a critical resource for 40 million people—is going.Additionally, the report shared the staggering volume of the water that goes to irrigating two cattle feed crops - alfalfa and grass hay. Researchers shared that about a third of all of the river’s water is going to those two cattle feed crops. The Colorado River has about 19% less volume than in the year 2000 and is expected to drop another 30% by 2050 if temperatures continue to rise, scientists say. Link in bio to learn more.Image credit: Getty Images
04/23/2024 07:54
More than half of people around the world live in cities. Because the wild is often missing, cities can feel crowded and hot. This Earth Day serves as a reminder that when communities plant trees and grow green walls, we improve the quality of the air we breathe, and can help cool our cities. @rewild supports @groundwork_hv as a part of the Conservation Pathways For Youth program fund. When we nurture native plants and let our outdoor spaces thrive like @sugiproject does by planting pocket forests in urban spaces around the globe, our cities can get a little bit more wild. #EarthDay2024
04/22/2024 01:02
Local communities celebrate the creation of a new protected area in the Colombian Chocó. Although the project aimed originally to protect over 12,000 acres, the outpour of local support increased the Central Rainforest Las Siete Sabias to over 75,000 acres of protected rainforest ecosystem.This newly designated natural and cultural jewel is located in the collective territory of Afro-Colombian communities, providing vital resources like clean drinking water to over 100,000 individuals.Las Siete Sabias boasts some of the highest biodiversity on the planet and protects 90 species of plants and over 470 species of animals. The forest canopy can tower over 100 feet, creating multiple layers of habitat for these species to thrive.The declaration of the DRMI Central Rain Forest Las Siete Sabias- Esperanza de Vida was made possible thanks to the coordination of @codechococar as the environmental authority, the implementation of CORPARIEN and COCOMACIA, the technical support of the @instituto_humboldt and the financial support of @naturecultureinternational, @andesamazonfund, and Art into Acres in partnership with @rewild.Since 2019, the painting “Japanese Garden 3” by Los Angeles-based artist Jonas Wood supported the creation of this new protected area, and three other sites. Thank you to artists @jonasbrwood and @kusakashio for their key support in biodiversity conservation. #ArtIntoAcresPhoto/video credit: @naturalezaculturainternacional
03/29/2024 05:31
Repost from @badriverfilm .BAD RIVER is a film that documents the Wisconsin-based Bad River Band’s ongoing fight to protect Lake Superior. Narrated by @quannah.rose and @edwardnortonofficial, it details the threat the Bad River Reservation faces as a 70 year-old pipeline that is at imminent risk of rupture runs through its lands. #BadRiverFilm will be showing in select theaters from March 15-20. Visit the link in bio to learn more.
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