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From @usembassybih Citizens banding together are a powerful voice for change. Brave residents of Konjic successfully fought irregular construction of two hydroelectric dams on the Neretvica River. This grassroots activism is at the heart of democracy and self-reliance and is a great lesson for all BiH citizens that everyone’s voice matters and you can make a difference where you live. #bosniaandherzegovina #konjic #neretvica @pustimedatecem
09/10/2021 09:32
Two Tasmanian Devil joeys born recently at @aussieark are a symbol of continued hope for the endangered species as part of a critical insurance population. In 8 months, in partnership with @rewild and @wild.ark, they will be released into a wild protected sanctuary, the largest of its kind for Tasmanian Devils. Aussie Ark’s population of Tasmanian Devils is free from the devastating Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD) that plagues wild populations.
09/10/2021 12:18
From @nowthisearth: A new report finds that air pollution is killing people at a faster rate than smoking, car crashes, or HIV/AIDS. Prof. Michael Greenstone at the University of Chicago and his colleagues developed the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI), which looks at the death rates in certain areas compared to their respective levels of air pollution. The research shows that people living in polluted areas have a higher propensity for heart and lung problems, which has been cutting short the lives of billions of people by up to 6 years. ⁠ ⁠ 'Coal is the source of the problem in most parts of the world,' said Greenstone, via The Guardian. 'If these [health] costs were embedded in prices, coal would be uncompetitive in almost all parts of the world.'⁠ The report says residents in India are the most adversely affected by air pollution, with the average citizen losing an estimated 6 years off their lives due to it. In China, air pollution can cut off an estimated 2.6 years from an average resident's longevity.⁠ ⁠ #airpollution #airquality #pollution #smoke #smog
09/09/2021 12:05
#DontLookUp in select theaters December 10 and on @Netflix December 24 @netflixfilm @dontlookupfilm
09/08/2021 04:59
From @janefonda: My book, “What Can I Do: The Path From Climate Despair to Action,” is out in paperback on Sept 7th. You can order by visiting www.JaneFonda.com/whatcanido @greenpeaceusa @penguinpress @firedrillfriday #greenpeaceusa #janefonda #firedrillfriday #whatcanido Proceeds go to @greenpeaceusa
09/07/2021 06:07
The construction of illegal roads by a logging company in the Peruvian Amazon is causing pollution of the land and the illegal plundering of natural resources, and opening up this part of the Amazon to additional invasion, threatening the homes, livelihoods, cultures and lives of the Sawawo and Aconadysh Indigenous peoples. Join me, @rewild and @propurus in calling on the government of Peru—specifically the state of Ucayali—to stop the construction of these roads in the province of Yurua and ensure the safety of the Indigenous communities that live here and safeguard this special place, critical to a healthy planet.
09/03/2021 06:51
Last week, the Brazilian Supreme Court took up a case that could define new rules for setting the boundaries of Indigenous lands, effectively eliminating the period of time that guarantees the right to land for all Indigenous peoples. More than 6,000 Indigenous people from more than 170 ethnic groups camped in front of the Supreme Court to follow the trial. All of this while other laws are aimed at opening up Indigenous territories to extractive industry. Last week, Indigenous peoples symbolically demarcated the plaza outside of the court building, Praça dos Três Poderes. “521 years in Brazil, 32 years of the constitution, and we continue to witness the neglect of the most basic rights of the Indigenous peoples,” said @apiboficial in a statement to @rewild. “How long will this equation continue to take away the rights, lands and lives of #IPovosIndígenas? We call for an end to the impunity!” #DemarcaçãoJá
09/02/2021 08:13
The forests and streams of South and Central America are speckled with the colors of the rainbow, thanks to #HarlequinToads, known as the ‘jewels of the forests.’ But since the ‘80s, a deadly pathogen, exacerbated by habitat destruction, pollution, invasive predators and climate change, has pushed 83 percent of the 94 species assessed by the IUCN to the brink of extinction.   More than 40 organizations came together this week to commit to protecting and restoring this incredible group of amphibians. The new #AtelopusSurvivalInitiative brings together the resources, expertise and passion to prevent the extinction of harlequin toads (or Atelopus) wherever they still survive, and to serve as an effective model for conserving other groups of threatened species.   @rewild 
@amphibiansurvivalalliance    #EarthOptimism #ConservationOptimism
08/29/2021 11:16

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