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Great job! let’s get everyone to sign this!! Congratulations on the long journey to make this happen. We eat from those waters.. akm over the world, we should take care of them. We in jest what the fish eat.. let’s give them clean waters♥️♥️♥️
03/21/2023 06:13
Hit us hard here in New Zealand. Still can't believe that people are asking I wonder why? And denying climate change, or we have always had cyclones. There has been 5 1 in a hundred yet weather events in the last 3 months. It's exhausting . Our country needs a weather holiday.
03/01/2023 01:59
02/10/2023 08:07
01/17/2023 10:17
In 2009, National Geographic Pristine Seas (@natgeopristineseas) explored the Southern Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean and found pristine coral reefs, with thriving corals and large fish abundance. But in 2015-16, an unprecedented ocean warming event killed half of the corals. The Pristine Seas team returned in 2021, hoping to see some signs of recovery. What they found instead was the most spectacular recovery of coral reefs ever witnessed, thanks to the full protection of the reefs from human activity as a Marine Protected Area. The full-length Super Reefs film will premiere in 2023.
01/03/2023 09:19
The existence of peatlands is essential to the environment and scientists are sounding the alarm for the protection of the world’s carbon capsules. In a signed state released at the start of this month, more than 40 scientists say the global importance of peatlands must be addressed. Peatlands contain twice as much carbon as is found in all the world’s forests and if they are degraded or drained, they quickly become a source of atmospheric carbon. To read more on this, click the link in bio. ????: Nanang Sujana/CIFOR
12/22/2022 06:05
Repost from @sharkconservationfundCITES Parties made history last week.75% of CITES member countries voted in favor of the regulation of international trade in requiem sharks (54 species including grey reef, blue, and bull sharks, as well as other large migratory sharks) and small hammerhead sharks by late 2023.This would mean over 90% of the fin trade is finally limited to sustainable levels and legally sourced.The #SharkConservationFund and NGO community is urging all CITES Parties to respect the will of global governments and vote for the final adoption of the shark proposals in Plenary today.As we approach the UN Biodiversity Conference #COP15 next month, co-hosted by Canada and China, it’s time for governments to put their verbal commitments into real and transformative management action.#CITES4sharks #LimitTradeSaveSharks #SharkConservation
11/24/2022 05:49
Acknowledging the fundamental work of Indigenous peoples and local communities in protecting the Earth. They keep hope alive for a bright future. Despite all odds and threats, science has proven that they are the most effective #GuardiansOfTomorrow. They need more support to defend their rights and lands. They have and are still putting themselves on the frontlines to tackle the climate crisis. Let Indigenous peoples and local communities lead. Follow @globalalliancet to learn more.????: @camilafalquez
11/10/2022 05:32

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