Инстаграм Дженнифер Лопес (Jennifer Lopez)

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Women.Her own cursor is her intuition, her feelings, her convictions.His strength can be both physical and mental.Everything she doesn't show, leaves inside a world of treasures.In the beginning, Mother Gaia was celebrated for her strength in transmitting the light of Life, in courage.And then we discovered the property. We invented heritage. The transmission. And there, it was necessary to take care of the grain. The woman had to stay within the perimeter defined by this territory.In addition to the physiological properties that have been blamed on us, we now know that we can.That Knowledge is Power.And that access to this knowledge frees us every day a little more, from all that we have had to SHUT UP and OBEY for centuries.We have understood that a man can be just as sensitive or strong as us, that a dad can also bring tenderness.And that our rights require the assertion of unquestionable equality. For our daughters, our mothers and our sisters.Here in France, and around the world, let the softness and depth of women take their place.Alongside our sons, fathers and brothers.#women'srights #women'sday #internationalwomen'srightsday #women'srights #giselehalimi #simoneveil #ladies
03/09/2023 04:02
La segunda foto no te favorece en absoluto
03/06/2023 03:10
03/05/2023 06:15
WhT stylist? It’s a wig
03/01/2023 03:45
So sweet ???????? @jlo Can’t wait for “This is me… now” ????????
02/25/2023 08:19
They're lucky to have you as their mom! ????????
02/22/2023 10:18
02/15/2023 02:18
02/09/2023 05:25

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