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Hey all! I’m so excited for this next episode of Tuning In where I had the pleasure of talking to Camesha Jones, the Founder and Executive Director of @sistaafya. Sista Afya is a Chicago based social enterprise that provides low cost mental wellness services that center the experiences of Black women. If you are as inspired by Sista Afya as I have been and would like to support @sistaafya’s cause please visit donorbox.org/sistaafya-fund
03/29/2021 02:22
Taste testing new @avaline products with my partner @katherinepower is one of my favorite things to do!????Can’t wait to share this creation soon ???? What are you mixing up and excited to see next?!
03/26/2021 03:09
Let’s hang out, cheers to your life and support Southern California Public Radio! Enter for your chance to win at omaze.com/cameron #omaze @omaze
03/17/2021 12:07
I call this: Whatever-you-got Ramen! One of my favorite quick go-to meals where I take your classic instant ramen packet and dress it up a bit with whatever vegetables I happen to have in my fridge! Below is what I used in my ramen, but feel free to use whatever you have that fits your flavor profile & enjoy! My recipe: -2 ramen insta packs (Flavors: Lemongrass ginger & Garlic pepper) -3 cups of chicken stock -About 1/2 cup each of diced carrot, celery, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli -About 1 tablespoon each of diced garlic, shallot, ginger & crunchy garlic chili sauce -1 tsp sesame oil -1 egg -Juice from 1/2 a lime -1 tsp of rice vinegar -Roughly chopped cilantro to finish
03/15/2021 08:48
You can now purchase @avaline directly from drinkavaline.com. In honor of International Women’s Day, Avaline is partnering with @liftcollectiveorg, an organization that advocates for positive change in the wine industry through the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion. For the month of March, Avaline will donate 2% of online sales to the group. Now shipping to CA, FL, DC, ID, and NM.
03/09/2021 12:31
On this episode of Tuning In: We have the 3rd and final video of a 3 part series I did with @iamrebeccawalker and @lilydiamond discussing their book @whatsyourstorynow. In this episode we discuss community... how the stories that the people around us and society at large tell us about how they perceive us, and how those stories help to shape our own beliefs about who we are. I like to call it... your first identity. I hope that the work I did in this video exploring my own first identity helps to serve as an example of how you can use this journal to help you to write your own identity for the first time ✨????????✨
03/02/2021 06:18
So this is the second of three Tuning In episodes with @iamrebeccawalker and @lilydiamond. Using their book @whatsyourstorynow, speaks to our interpersonal relationships, how open we are to giving and receiving love, our ability to communicate and how we connect to the people closest to us. I hope the work I did with Rebecca and Lily in this episode can serve as an example as to how this journal can be used to explore your feelings so you can write your own story. ✨????????♥️✨ To buy @whatsyourstorynow, please visit the link in their bio!
02/25/2021 05:02
So when I find something inspiring, I like to share it through this episodic format that I’m calling Tuning In. This time I’m exploring the work of @iamrebeccawalker and @lilydiamond in their new book @whatsyourstorynow Rebecca and Lily created this journal to help guide you to find your truth and write your own story. It helped me voice some truths about myself that I found really empowering. This first episode is about exploring your relationship with your body. I hope the exploration I did with Rebecca and Lily can serve as an example to empower you in your own story ✨????♥️✨
02/23/2021 04:38
On the menu: Homemade Granola, zesty Lime Coconut Yogurt, Simple Chia Seed Pudding and Minted Berries that all come together in a delicious brunch bowl ???????????? Then there’s a stunning Deluxe Hash Brown Skillet piled high with spicy beans and delicious fixings???????? Finished and paired perfectly with my @avaline rosé spritzer ???? The full episode with @marymccartney & @nicolerichie is streaming now on @discoveryplus
02/17/2021 01:55
After seeing family, friends and so many others battle COVID-19, and feeling powerless, I learned about #COVIDRescueTeam! If you’ve recovered from COVID-19, you may have powerful antibodies in your blood plasma. When you donate COVID Plasma you may potentially help families from losing a loved one. Visit CovidRescueTeam.org to learn more and schedule your appointment #covidrescueteam
01/13/2021 12:53
Always good to know a fun party trick! ???????? Even if there are no parties happening! ????
12/13/2020 04:01
@avaline Sparkling wine is here!!! ???? Cheers to you ALL for your support, messages & comments! ????
12/03/2020 11:26

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04 августа 2020
Сестры Фаннинг решили выпить весело.
16 апреля 2020
Кэмерон Диаз редко появляется на публике, но во время карантина, поделилась своими эмоциями с поклонниками в онлайне.
09 января 2020
К слову, для Кэмерон и Бенджи это первый родительский опыт.
31 октября 2019
Звезда кино была обеда в комфортную повседневную одежду.
02 ноября 2018
Наконец-то Гвинет Пэлтроу и Брэд Фэлчак поделились в соцсетях свадебными фото. Судя по снимкам, торжество прошло очень весело.
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