Инстаграм Энн Хэтэуэй (Anne Hathaway)

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???????????????? love you Anne!!
03/11/2023 12:26
babe we saw the discos videos pls marry me
01/26/2023 08:15
✨ Happy New Year ✨
01/01/2023 01:41
Thank you to @latimes for having us on your cover to discuss James Gray’s #ArmageddonTime. Jeremy Strong and I are both known for how much we hate to “talk” about “acting,” so we really appreciate you coaxing it out of us.
12/19/2022 09:56
✨ Hey! I’ve been in full-blown work mode so it’s been quiet around here, but I had to mention I saw Michael Showalter’s wonderful, bold, funny, tear-jerker @spoileralertthefilm from @focusfeatures the other night—in a theatre! (@nicolekidman is absolutely right; heartbreak does feel good in a place like that). I went with a group of friends, and we all laughed and cried together watching @michaelausiello and Kit Cowan’s love story.@spoileralertthefilm is a sweet, human-scale gem with @therealjimparsons, @benjaminaldridge, Bill Erwin (hi Bill!) and the inimitable Sally Field all giving lovable, moving, and memorable performances. It’s the sort of film that makes you count your blessings and appreciate your family—chosen and otherwise.I hope you check it out. ✨
12/13/2022 05:11
I’m proud to support @bulgari in its commitment with @savethechildren for World Children’s Day. For this holiday season, they are partnering together to support the Inclusive Education project in Zambia which aims to guarantee education access for children 3-8 years old living in rural districts.Please consider sharing the wonder by using the AR effect found on the Bulgari account. #IBelieveInWonder #ShareTheWonder #Bulgari #SaveTheChildren
11/20/2022 05:42
I genuinely don’t know if the look of adoration on my face is Esther looking at her beloved father, Aaron, or just me being in the presence of @anthonyhopkins. Either way, it’s the same expression. #ArmageddonTime is in theaters everywhere now.
11/06/2022 01:22
Working with James Gray was one of the tenderest, toughest, most humbling, expansive, deeply felt experiences of my career. I continue to learn so much from him and count him as a cherished friend.I find the word “bravery” often overused and misapplied when discussing artists and their work (it’s not like we rush into burning buildings or anything). However, laying bare your life and self—warts and all—and having the intelligence, craft and talent to transform it into a piece of art that aims to serve a larger purpose? I do think that takes real guts.Thank you so much James for inviting me to be part of the Graff family and this dream cast, for your searing and vulnerable work on this film, and for making me a better actor in the process.@armageddontimefilm is now playing in theaters everywhere.
11/04/2022 03:49

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