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RIP Bob Rafelson. #FiveEasyPieces
07/25/2022 01:57
Welcome to Victory. Only in theaters. 9 • 23 • 22 #dontworrydarling
06/16/2022 04:16
9 • 23 • 22 - only in theaters . I’m so proud of this team and can’t wait to show you what we made together. #dontworrydarling
05/02/2022 07:05
Don’t Worry Darling BTS of me and Chris Pine aka Frank aka holy sh*t wait til you see how good he is in this movie. I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for the excitement out there for the movie so far. I promise you will not be disappointed by this extraordinary cast and crew. Today is a big day for us. Congrats to the whole team. I love you guys. #dontworrydarling
05/02/2022 04:26
9 • 23 • 22 only in theaters.
04/27/2022 04:11
Dream team back in the salt flats. @libatique is my favorite model.
12/09/2021 09:46
Honored to have spent a few days of fun in the desert with @annieleibovitz and the brilliant @voguemagazine team for this story, written by Alexandra Schwartz. Thank you @gabriellak_j @edwardlampley @gracegraceahn @sergiokletnoy. Truly what is life? ????
12/09/2021 09:43
12/09/2021 09:37

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