Инстаграм Майли Сайрус (Miley Cyrus)

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HELL YEAH I’M MILEY CYRUS ???? @selenagomez @nbcsnl
05/17/2022 08:38
Celebrating the announcement of #MileysNewYearsEveParty 2023! I’m partnering with Lorne Michaels AGAIN to make this party possible! Thank you for bringing in 2022 with us & starting this year off right! CELEBRATING TOGETHER! ????????????
05/17/2022 10:37
Photo me pronto. I’m in Galliano. ????
05/17/2022 08:57
Whatever happened to class? @pamelaanderson as Roxie in Chicago is fabulous! Go see her shine while you still can ????
05/16/2022 08:29
On 4/29 I’m adding MORE songs to the #ATTENTION live album! Including Angels Like You which was added into the set the night before inspired by the fans below my hotel room in Bogota singing it ALL NIGHT LONG! Woke up to Angels being #1 in Colombia! Love you all so much! This record is for you! ????
04/28/2022 08:32
04/26/2022 09:19
My ATTENTION South America tour is one I will never forget. Its one of those “ You just had to be there” experiences. The fans, the chaos & the pandemonium. The beautiful cultures of the countries I visited. The treacherous travel at times…. The loss of a friend…. So much life lived in only 2 weeks. Songs like Mothers Daughter & Angels Like You were added in spontaneously (Angels was added in the night before the show inspired by the fans below my hotel room singing it all night long) My fans out of love and loyalty were making these songs #1 in their country before I arrived! I appreciate your dedication to me & my music more than I can express! To show my gratitude I wanted to give YOU a taste of the ATTENTION TOUR by dropping these 6 additional songs THIS FRIDAY including my unreleased song “YOU” and Mothers Daughter x Boys Don’t Cry medley with @Anitta in Brazil! I love you all so much! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and perform for you! Forever, MC
04/26/2022 08:30
04/01/2022 05:10