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“However vast the darkness , we must supply our own light” - Stanley Kubrick @sbjctjournal / @erinwalshstyle / @jennakristina / @claytonhawkins / @christianhogstedt
11/06/2020 04:36
???????? @borregofilm / ????: @ikertonix
11/06/2020 03:13
The time is now to take action, get informed, and discover your options. I take pride in being a woman who makes her own decisions and I hope I can encourage others to choose what's right for them. After talking to my doctor, the right choice for me was a Kyleena® IUD (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) 19.5mg I encourage you to act now by talking to your women's healthcare professional about your options, and see if a Kyleena IUD is right for you. Learn more at the link in bio! (#tbt to the dark hair days!) #BayerPartner⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Rx only. IUD = Intrauterine Device. Lucy is a Kyleena user and has been compensated for her time. Individual experience may vary.⁣ Intended for US audiences only.⁣ PP-PF-WHC-IUS-US-1043-1
10/29/2020 06:00
It’s as easy as that! (Jk this took me 14 tries and a lot of loose powder later) ♥️ Follow @Almay and enter our giveaway to win all my favorite @almay fall products ???????? #AlmayxLucy #ThisIsAlmay @walmart
10/26/2020 08:02
seeing red at the delightfully glamorous shoot for @sbjctjournal ♥️ thank you @erinwalshstyle / @christianhogstedt / @jennakristina / @claytonhawkins - such a wonderful day!
10/24/2020 01:22
Animals are more than pets – they are family. Only about 10% of domestic violence shelters in the United States accept pets, leaving victims of domestic abuse without safe places to escape to with an important part of their support system. I'm honored to partner with @purina and @redroverorg to change that through the Purple Leash Project. (AD) The #PurpleLeashProject aims to convert existing domestic violence shelters so that they can become pet-friendly, because no one should ever have to choose between leaving a toxic environment and leaving their pet behind. In honor of #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth and today being #PurpleThursday, visit www.purpleleashproject.com to learn more and see how you can take the lead and contribute.
10/22/2020 07:00
making little buddies ????????????
10/20/2020 03:14
end of week 2 ???? @ikertonix / @borregofilm
10/17/2020 06:30
missing my bud extra extra today- swipe for joy
10/15/2020 02:51
❤️???????? had a minor freak out bc im out of the country until after the election- but got my ballot overnighted to where I’m at to immediately be shipped back to the States. Whatever you do, find a way to vote if you’re eligible ✌????????????
10/14/2020 02:11
hard headed ????????‍♀️ / ????: gregboy @greglauritano
10/13/2020 03:27
HAPPY 30th birthday to my very best friend, confidante, soul sister, biggest supporter and absolute favorite human. Over 12 years of friendship, Through amazing times, travels, heartbreaks, failures, changing routes in life, disagreements, moves, putting up with each others shit & all the beautiful moments in between...our soul connection is something that has never wavered. I am so proud of how much work you’ve put into yourself this year. Seeing you blossom into the greatest version of yourself has been the best gift to watch. You inspire me every single day & there isn’t anything in the world I wouldn’t do for you. I love you, support you and always have your back. Except when we are paddle boarding and you get lost at sea, then you’re on your own. (see pic 6) ???? Here’s to your 30th year bringing all the good energy and love that you so deserve. Wish I was there today!!! @annebreiter
10/11/2020 12:29

Lucy Hale новости

17 июня 2019
На днях звезде «Милых обманщиц» исполнилось 30 лет. По этому поводу актриса поделилась в Сети своими детскими снимками.
26 февраля 2019
Люси Хейл живёт в полной гармонии с собой. Одним из способов напоминать о любви к себе актриса считает татуировки.
21 июня 2018
29-летняя голливудская красавица Люси Хейл стала украшением свежего выпуска глянцевого журнала Haute Living. На страницах издания актриса поддержала движение #MeeToo.
25 декабря 2017
Сегодня в Америке и Европе отмечают католическое Рождество. Светские обозреватели заглянули в Instagram голливудских знаменитостей, чтобы посмотреть, как звезды шоу-бизнеса готовятся к самому главному семейному празднику.
14 августа 2017
В эти выходные в Лос-Анджелесе в зале Galen Center прошла традиционная церемония вручения наград Teen Choice Awards. Награды в виде досок для серфинга получили лучшие представители мира музыки, кино, телевидения, моды и спорта.
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