Инстаграм Леди ГаГа (Lady Gaga)

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Today, I gave my mom a flower. #bekind21 @btwfoundation research shows even a small act of kindness can make a difference. I hope you’ll join me today by offering even the simplest kind action. 7 days left! ???? love, me and my mom
09/14/2021 10:21
Less than 3 weeks until @itstonybennett and I release our album “Love For Sale”! And we created four very limited edition alternate covers for the album on CD ❤️ The first one is available in limited quantities to pre-order now in my official shop! ????✨
09/14/2021 07:02
Don’t forget to smile ❤️#bekind21 love, Born This Way Foundation co-founder, me…how will you be kind to you, others, or to your community for the next 8 days????? On day 13…FOR 21 days we asked you kindly, to practice kindness.
09/14/2021 08:51
#nofilter Signing my new jazz album with @itstonybennett #loveforsale
09/11/2021 01:59
Only 3 weeks until @itstonybennett and I release “Love For Sale”! I love singing with you Tony, day and night! ????????
09/10/2021 10:37
#nofilter I’M NOT NOTHING #dawnofchromatica
09/04/2021 01:27
09/03/2021 07:30
PAIN IS A SINE #DawnofChromatica I invite you to dance to this album in celebration of young artists all over the world. Artists who see the world, feel the world, and put that feeling into something bigger than all of us: music. All love, LG xx
09/03/2021 07:00