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Appreciation post for my hubby ❤️‍???? #MCM
10/11/2021 09:53
Is this what they consider Casual Friday’s at the office? ???? #FBF
10/08/2021 10:31
Feeling strong, sexy and comfy in my @yamamayofficial ???? Happy 20th anniversary! #AuguriYamamay #20YearsofDreams
10/07/2021 10:05
It’s called fashion. Look it up. ????
10/04/2021 01:07
Golden girl ✨ #FashionVsReality
10/02/2021 09:30
COZY SEASON IS HERE! ???? Happy October 1st! #FBF
10/02/2021 12:07
We’ve been grieving the loss of the heart of our family. Over the past 12 years Harley has been by our side showing us the true meaning of unconditional love and loyalty. Never in one place for long, we were each others’ constants and home. Only old age could tear us apart…but I know he is no longer in pain and looking down on us from above. Once a guardian angel on earth, he is now one in heaven. I will continue to love you every day Harley ❤️ RIP
09/26/2021 05:42
Should’ve known this isn’t what @benbrunotraining meant when he said it’s a pool day… #FashionVsReality
09/18/2021 09:33

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