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I am beyond excited to finally share that I have joined @vosaspirits as a co-owner, and cannot wait to get our products into your hands! Once I tried Vosas non-carbonated Vodka Water and lightly carbonated High Line, it was a very easy decision to join the team. Both products are gluten and preservative free, and are made with 6 times distilled vodka and natural flavors. I can’t wait to begin this journey, and share with you all @vosaspirits amazing product lines I know you’ll love as much as I do! You can order all of our products online at vosaspirits.com and find them in select retailers. Make sure to follow along as we grow into more markets and introduce new products! #enjoythefinerthings
10/25/2023 01:45
Blue might be my new favorite color… ????
07/22/2023 07:25

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