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February of last year I did a simple cartwheel (which I do all the time ) from that moment I wasn’t able to lift my right arm without feeling a pinch in March 1 I got a Cortizone shot to relieve some of the pain I seen so many different dr did so many healing modalities but still felt the pain shooting down my right arm not being able to lift it. In Dec of 2021 I decided to do a dry fast ( no food or water ) I did the fast for 6.5 days most of those days I spent in deep meditation. I asked my body what it needed for me to do so it can feel better. I heard a voice deep within me that said “ REMOVE THE TOXIC BAGS “ ????I thought to my self could all that I’m going thru is because of these breast implants ? I schedule a appt with a dr in Florida who specializing in removing implants but has wait was for Nov 2022. I couldn’t wait I wanted to remove these bags out so bad that I wanted to rip them off of me. On March 18,2022 I went to see another Dr and schedule my surgery for April 5,2022 I removed my 2nd set of breast implants got a lift on my natural boobs. Many women are struggling with their health silently going from dr to dr not knowing what is going on with their bodies. Please share this with them as it may save their life. On a side note every time I did internal healing I was always told I had a block on my heart chakra I kept working on it but yet I still had the block not realizing that I had implants on my chest that were causing the blocks. It has been 5 month since my surgery and I feel amazing mind/body and soul. The best decision of my life.
09/09/2022 03:50
Mup by Me
08/25/2022 09:59
Доброе утро! #ачтоувас #проснуласьулыбнулась небо, воздух, вода @andrei_konchalovsky снимает
07/13/2022 07:05
Blue on blue on blue....There's levels to this. From @annekleinofficial @macys
06/29/2022 07:54
Sometimes the Hate motivates!
06/09/2022 07:08
Try to capture the fantasy
05/24/2022 05:32
Summer days @laurenralphlauren ????
05/14/2022 09:04
Friday 13th
05/13/2022 09:45

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