Инстаграм Джейсон Стэйтем (Jason Statham)

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11/08/2021 09:30
A real honour to spend some screen time with the incredibly talented @iko.uwais A true master of his game and a powerhouse of speed and skills that take a lifetime to achieve. Massive respect for all that you do brother. #expendables4 @danielsmithphotography
11/06/2021 10:00
#expendables4 @officialslystallone
11/02/2021 11:48
I have waited far too long to work alongside this man @tonyjaaofficial The most talented and the most humble you could ever meet. Thank you brother for all of the inspiration you have given to myself and so many others. #expendables4 ????@danielsmithphotography
10/30/2021 09:27
With the big man himself..@officialslystallone #expendables4 #TheCreator ????@danielsmithphotography
10/25/2021 09:32
@eddiehallwsm #TheKing #TheGoat #NotPossible #500K
10/23/2021 11:38
@eddiehallwsm No human can visualise the impossible like this man. When Eddie lifted 500kilos off the ground he beat the world record by almost 80lbs. This crushed and annihilated all before it. Most records are beaten by a slice, a kilo or two at most. This one was superhuman strength like we’ve never seen! Eddie re writes the history books, and continues to set goals. Massive respect to the man, and a privilege to spend some time together. #expendables4 ????@danielsmithphotography
10/22/2021 10:40
@ducati_superleggerav4 #expendables4 ????@danielsmithphotography
10/14/2021 08:08

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