Инстаграм Джаред Лето (Jared Leto)

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01/10/2023 05:49
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12/25/2022 11:22
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12/01/2022 07:07
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11/03/2022 05:39
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11/02/2022 06:05
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10/22/2022 12:55
Karl has always been an inspiration to me. He was a true polymath, an artist, an innovator, a leader and, most importantly, a kind man. When we came together with the Karl Lagerfeld team, we immediately shared a creative vision of doing a respectful ode to Karl while pushing the artistic boundaries of what a biopic can be. I’m so grateful to Karo, Pier and Seb for allowing us to go on this journey together.???? Rindorf/Dufour – Getty
10/06/2022 02:23