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I’m like a big ass kid watching fan reactions for our most recent BLACK ADAM⚡️trailer as more cool characters and story emerge. ⚡️Black Adam’s rage for his son sacrificing his own life to save his father ⚡️Amanda “The Wall” Waller ???? ⚡️The collective power and f’n coolness of our JSA (the original and first ever super hero group - even before Justice League) ⚡️ The demonic supervillain known as Sabbac.* place of origin: Hell Love watching these reactions because in the end - WE’RE ALL FANS. I just happen to be famous for wearing a fanny pack. A new era in the DC Universe beginsIn theaters OCT 21st ????#AudienceAlwaysComesFirst#BlackAdam⚡️@sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @wbpictures @dccomics
09/26/2022 09:31
Growing up as a kid and even as a man, I never took a walk with my dad. If he were alive today, I would’ve loved to have tried this with him. I asked @officialjosephleeanderson (who plays my dad on our show Young Rock) to take a walk with me because I wanted to feel what it was like to walk and just shoot the shit with my old man. This felt good. Kinda cathartic in a way. Helps me reconcile some complicated father/son shit. See ya down the road dad. Let’s get a walk in. (thanks Joe, for everything)
09/25/2022 04:55
Insane energy of 70,000+ for our historic and absolutely ELECTRIFYING BLACK ADAM⚡️ stadium takeover. I never made it to the NFL so this was a career highlight for me that was VERY surreal. Thank you @rams & @nfl and “the millions” for this level of partnership and support ????????????????The new era of the DC Universe has begun. #BlackAdamBlackout#Electrifying#SoFiStadium#BlackAdamIn theaters OCT 21st ????
09/18/2022 09:57
We’re bringing you deeper into the world of pro wrestling with our official trailer for TALES OF THE TERRITORIES. @SevenBucksProd & @ViceTV are partnering up for this electricfying wrestling series, walking you through the insane and dangerous true stories of pro wrestling’s greatest eras as told by the legends themselves. BE THERE! OCTOBER 4, 2022 Only on @ViceTV
09/15/2022 02:57
Mic in hand ???? as the #ManInBlack⚡️ shakes 70,000+ fans and #BlackAdam electrifies @sofistadium to the core. We debut our second BLACK ADAM⚡️ trailer at the @NFL SEASON OPENER for our World Champion @Rams vs @buffalobills. We could all (literally) feel the stadium and the crowd RUMBLING during this BLACK ADAM takeover and it was f*cking insanely cool. The countdown IS ON as our #BlackAdam approaches….. In theaters OCT 21, 2022 ???? @SevenBucksProd @WBPictures @DCComics @flynnpictureco ⚡️
09/14/2022 12:01
POWER born from RAGE. The second trailer for BLACK ADAM ⚡️is hereIn theaters on October 21 ????A new era in the DC Universe has begun. @SevenBucksProd@WBPictures @DCComics 
@FlynnPictureCo#ManInBlack ⚡️
09/08/2022 11:45
1am. Iron Paradise. Big news. Let’s keep the noise down though because the neighbors are sleeping ???? ????????????@aarondonald99 ???? @rams ???? @blackadammovie ⚡️@nfl ???? Can’t wait to see you all THIS THURSDAY at @sofistadium ????#RamsBills ???? #BlackAdam⚡️#Electrifying ????
09/07/2022 08:21
Another Saturday night, but forgot to post on Saturday night cos I passed out ???????????? ???? Good to see so many positive responses to that discipline philosophy — it extends way beyond the gym. It’s life. Conditioning your mentality. Pushing thru your fatigue. Disciplined to do the daily, consistent little things that can fucking suck but you do them anyway, because that’s where the magic happens. The progress. Sometimes the greatness. ✌???? out…American Idol is calling ???? ???? ????#ip ????#burningthemidnightoil #donotgogentle
08/10/2022 04:48

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