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The Throne of Black Adam⚡️ For the millions of you who know the Black Adam mythology - you understand the meaning and power of this throne. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t sit on it until we shot the actual scene where Black Adam has earned his right to take his sacred place on high. His throne is a big deal ???????? So I always just sat my big ass at the steps and did my homework ????⚡️???? We finally filmed “the iconic moment” and what a moment it was. ????World Premiere of the BLACK ADAM trailer????drops JUNE 8TH ⚡️???? #OnSet #TheThrone #TheManInBlack #BlackAdam⚡️ @hhgarcia41 ????
05/28/2022 02:42
I’ve had many different names throughout my career - Little Dewey, Big DJ, Sexy AF, Happy Drunk etc ???? and the best-ish of them all - Flex Kavana! 
 25-year old DJ was trying his best to figure shit out back then in Mississippi, but he was motivated as hell and committed to deliver something special to the audience.
 So I put my head down and put these two dinosaur hands to work. And the rest is history.
 The ONE HOUR #YoungRock finale, TONIGHT at 8/7c on @NBC!
 #YoungRock #LikeMamaSays #ItJustBeezThatWaySometimes ☝????if you know what that “like mama says” quote means, then I know you know ????????
05/25/2022 02:05
The handshake ????????‍???????? My very first “sit down” with @WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, played by the great @adamraycomedy. I was 25yrs old and had $7 bucks in my pocket. But at least I had a shitty haircut and mom jeans ????????????‍♂️???? After my very first match ever, Vince flew me to Stamford to say “you got a lot of potential kid, but you’re not ready for the big leagues of the WWE. I’m sending you to Memphis. Go learn the business. Learn how to work and learn how to talk on the mic ????…“ I looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes sir. Thank you Vince for this opportunity. I just want one shot.” Over the years, Vince and I have done big business together, generating a lot of box office. Every deal with Vince has always been closed with looking him in the eyes and shaking hands. My handshake means everything to me. It’s my word, my currency and its just as good as my signature. Thank you Vince for the early guidance, mentorship and seeing the potential in that mom jean wearing, bad haircut having punk kid. YOUNG ROCK SEASON FINALE TONIGHT @8pm on @NBC ????
05/24/2022 09:31
TONIGHT the epic ONE HOUR SEASON FINALE of our @NBC’s YOUNG ROCK ???????? ???? ???? From getting bounced around from Hawaii to Nashville to Bethlehem to Memphis - then traveling down a road that led all the way to NYC and Madison Square Garden ???? No idea where that long windy road would lead… Enjoy the TONIGHT’s FINALE!! ???? YOUNG ROCK @8pm EST/ 7 Central On NBC ???? @sevenbucksprod #fiercebabyproductions
05/24/2022 09:26
My coffee (which I stopped drinking) with my morning smolder ???? Let’s get to work. Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! ???????? @zoaenergy???? #1fastestgrowingenergydrink ???? ????
05/23/2022 05:25
This Tuesday night, our SEASON FINALE of YOUNG ROCK takes center stage - and “Flex Kavana” was born ⭐️????????????????‍♂️???? Before I became THE ROCK, I was FLEX KANAVA.. making $40 bucks per match and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the @wafflehouseofficial ???? ???? because it was all I could afford. I looked at it this way - I was doing something that I loved and at least $40 bucks was a lot more than having $7 bucks. And still to this day, Waffle House is MY JAM! ???? #ScatteredCoveredSmothered #FlexKavana #SeasonFinale YOUNG ROCK THIS TUESDAY NIGHT @8pm/7pm central Only on @NBC! @sevenbucksprod
05/23/2022 05:05
Having this conversation with some family now about finding BALANCE and the power & value of taking care of YOU. Let’s start with respecting and acknowledging the fact that finding balance is HARD. We have babies to raise, relationships to maintain, bills to pay, school commitments, businesses to run, the commitment to daily heath and fitness etc… We all got a lot shit going on! ????????‍♂️ Two things have helped me/ Applying real Discipline. And great COMMUNICATION. I always say, “you gotta protect the thing that allows you to do what you do” And that “thing” you have to always protect is YOU. Have a productive and fun Sunday. DJ ???????? #bertha ???? #bigbertha ???????? #balance ????
05/22/2022 07:44
645am and she annihilated this 1/2 oz spinner bait… Great way to start the morning ???????????? I raise a variety of fish on my farm (bass, hybrid striped bass, sunfish etc) and everything I catch goes back into the water. My babies are getting BIG. #ManaFarm ????
05/22/2022 02:11

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