Инстаграм Даутцен Крус (Doutzen Kroes)

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alien superstar
09/02/2023 05:22
08/06/2023 09:02
After yesterday’s rain I have to show you a glimpse of my vegetable and wild flower garden in full bloom???? so grateful for the co creation with Mother Nature #happysummersolstice
06/21/2023 07:53
Loving the journey called life ❤️
06/10/2023 11:13
A week of healthy eating, cold dipping in the incredible lake Altaussee, enjoying the stunning landscape, laughing with friends and reconnecting with my body thanks to @mayrlife_official and the incredible team for a holistic approach to get to know my body better and rejuvenate. * In the second slide you see a Dandelion Coffee that I drank for the first time and I love how close the taste was to a regular espresso plus all the incredible health benefits! Besides all the detoxifying properties, dandelion root helps in reducing inflammation, aiding constipation as well as having prebiotic properties that support a healthy gut. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates
05/22/2023 10:01
Впереди - длинные праздничные выходные, а у меня сегодня завершается неделя плотных съёмок. Какие планы? Куда поедете на майские?____Проект «Плевако» производится Студией Рок, телеканалом НТВ и онлайн-кинотеатром PREMIER при поддержке Института развития интернета.#студияРок #сериалплевако #rockfilms #нтв #premier #ИРИ_поддерживает
05/05/2023 06:38
En mai fais ce qu’il te… ça m’a plu de faire cette interview et ces photos avec Marie-Claire ????????????! Merci pour votre invitation ! Interview : Françoise-Marie SantucciPhotos : Nik HartleyRéalisation : Mégal GrouchkaMaquillage : Odile SubraCoiffure : Cyril LanoirProduction : Hélène Mazières????♥️
05/04/2023 08:01
Last year I created my vegetable garden from scratch. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences ???? my fascination for the intelligence of nature has only grown more and I’m so excited for another season of gardening ❤️
03/17/2023 10:59

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