Инстаграм Даутцен Крус (Doutzen Kroes)

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“To be free comes not from changing or fixing this world, but from seeing this world as it is and opening the heart in the midst of it.”— Jiddu Krishnamurti
11/02/2023 05:14
I love dancing. It’s like my therapy being in class dancing while letting go, out of the mind and into the body and enjoying the flow! Thank you @suelawilsterman for always teaching great classes and @lauryndemeza for my partner in crime ❤️ (picture taken after dance class)
10/05/2023 08:14
I’m in this physical world but I’m non of it, yet I’m all of it! I’m here to remember who I am. My life becomes magical when I follow the flow of my path by synchronicity. recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Power over Force.I’m grateful to be part of this miraculous shift and evolution of human consciousness.Love you ❤️
09/12/2023 04:18
Thank you @frame @eriktorstensson @sooparkmakeup and @rebekahforecast Hello NYC!! ????
09/10/2023 03:23
alien superstar
09/02/2023 05:22
08/06/2023 09:02
After yesterday’s rain I have to show you a glimpse of my vegetable and wild flower garden in full bloom???? so grateful for the co creation with Mother Nature #happysummersolstice
06/21/2023 07:53
Loving the journey called life ❤️
06/10/2023 11:13

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