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Princess & Princes ????????
04/21/2022 12:17
A little Dancing and Football on the White House Lawn made for a fun Easter! I hope everyone enjoyed our Why Not You book! Thanks for having us at the Annual Easter Egg Roll @Potus @Flotus @WhiteHouse ❤️???????????????? ????
04/19/2022 09:10
Y’all know what happens when we link up. @JamaicaCraft????
04/16/2022 06:54
That R&C is Magnetic ???? @RandCFragrance. Get some for you and yours! Spring Sale is here!
04/15/2022 08:07
He’s a natural. He learned 2 hand after one week of being taught. Proud mommy. Gods Child ❤️ #WrecklessLove
04/14/2022 09:33
Takin Care of My Mentals = JOY. @AllHumanNation ????
04/10/2022 06:52
Happy Birthday to my Bestie and Best makeup artist in the world @YolondaFrederick! I’m so grateful for you! I love you so much! I’m so excited for all the more amazingness God has in store for you! You inspire me! #20yrsDeep #HBD❤️
04/05/2022 08:39
Shout out to the girls who be drippin together and never trippin together @LitaByCiara ????
04/05/2022 12:25

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