Инстаграм Крис Прэтт (Chris Pratt)

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To my love @katherineschwarzenegger I’m a lucky man. You’re a wonderful wife, mother, step mother and Valentine. Thanks for EVERYTHING you’ve given us. I love you so much. ♥️ #happyvalentinesday
02/15/2021 05:48
For every human need met by an act of humble service, we stitch an invisible thread into the tattered fabric of our American society. Nothing feels better. I promise you. We can emerge from this dark season more connected than before. Be cautious with that which you share. Are you sewing or tearing?
02/08/2021 10:29
This star studded Instagram telethon raised $615K!! Thanks to @iamjamiefoxx @brycedhoward @zacharylevi @tomholland2013 @schwarzenegger @garthbrooks @trishayearwood @robertdowneyjr
01/01/2021 06:15
Watch this clip!!! You’re not gonna believe it!! And then... click the link in my bio.
12/29/2020 10:26
In depth discussion on accountability in non profits and the distinction between food pantries and food banks.
12/29/2020 12:23
We won!!! We won!!! I can’t believe it!!! I am so unbelievably grateful to the Agbo Superhero Fantasy Football league and Fanduel for making a massive $190,000.00! Donation to my friends at @specialolympicswashington @specialolympics want to congratulate all the players and their fantastic charities for giving it their all and being brave in the attempt!!
12/28/2020 11:56
Update from the front lines
12/24/2020 11:14
Due to Covid-19 and these damn nationwide shut downs, people aren’t working. 1 in 4 American Children may not know where their next meal is coming from. 25% of our kids!!! Let that sink in. The need is real. People are in pain. Right now I’m matching your donations up to $100k. This is all leading up to a big ol star studded New Years Eve Instagramathon. Celebrity guests and entertainment. Let’s do something good damnit! I’ll take corporate sponsors by the way. DM me!! As little as $1 helps (and gets you a chance to be one of six lucky folks who get to meet me on a private zoom Dec 30th) Details in link... I’ll take anything. Let’s prove to everybody that we come together in times of need. 1 John 3:18 - My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.
12/20/2020 02:44
Happy Birthday Sweetie! You have brought so much light into my life. I’m so glad to be home with you and Lyla. You’re a great mom, a great step-mom, a great wife, daughter, sister and friend. The world is brighter with you in it. I am one lucky man. Thank you for the love, support and partnership. I love you.
12/13/2020 08:13
Thank you so much for my amazing video! I am encouraged!! It’s such an honor to be representing @specialolympicswashington in this year’s @agboleague fantasy football competition. I face @chrisevans this week. He is off to a great start with a very tough team. And he is Captain America (my favorite Marvel character!) so it will take an incredible effort from my team including big games from @seahawks stars @dangerusswilson and @tdlockett12 to get the win. Wish me luck! I will keep the @specialolympics motto in my heart as we play! “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt!” God bless all of our Special Athletes. #GoHawks!! #12s
11/29/2020 08:45
Grace. Amazing. This photo hung in my house growing up. I remember thinking “that must be God because he has a beard.” Through the decades since then, the way I define grace, my perspective of who this man is and the emotions he evokes when I encounter his image continue to evolve. Today I see a grateful man, a man thankful for his family, his children, his ability to provide, a longing within to ensure faith in the hearts of his children, to leave behind an example others can follow and a heart filled with gratitude for a savior and the amazing eternal grace that comes with submission to His will. What do you see? Thanks to my friend @shannaduncanart for this post. Read her take on grace on her page when you give her a follow. She’s a great local artist from my home town. Happy Thanksgiving.
11/26/2020 08:40
CEO of feeding America talks about growing up one of 108 children in South Central Louisiana and food insecurity across America.
11/25/2020 01:23

Chris Pratt новости

10 июня 2019
Кэтрин Шварценеггер и Крис Прэтт сыграли свадьбу. Первые фото торжества появились в Сети и на страницах People.
07 марта 2019
Крис Пратт поделился в Инстаграме советом, как правильно пользоваться массажёром для лица. Актёр с юмором демонстрировал бьюти-процедуру.
14 января 2019
Крис Пратт, звезда «Стражей Галактики», сделал своей возлюбленной предложение. Его невеста, Кэтрин Шварценеггер, в знак помолвки получила кольцо с бриллиантом.
13 августа 2018
В Лос-Анджелесе компания Fox провела юбилейню 20-ю церемонию Teen Choice Awards. Американская молодежь с помощью голосования определила победителей. Триумфатором вечера стали фильмы киновселенной Marvel.
23 июля 2018
Традиционный фестиваль Comic-Con проходит в калифорнийском городе Сан-Диего. В этом году съемочные команды представляли свои новые работы. Фанаты первыми увидели трейлеры таких фильмов как «Аквамен», «Фантастические твари и преступления Грин-де-Вальда», «Лего. Фильм 2» и других.