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THIS VIDEO IS EVERYTHING! GO WATCH IT NOW! I am completely obsessed @theestallion @tarajiphenson I WANT MORE
11/21/2020 10:37
Guys, I am beyond excited to announce that the Prosecco brand @della_vite that @poppydelevingne @cdelevingne and I created together just won GOLD at ‘The Drinks Business Big Autumn Tasting’, the world's biggest Prosecco blind tasting, overseen by three Masters of Wine!!! We are on an exciting journey to change the way you think about Prosecco, and we’re only just getting started ????
11/20/2020 10:33
I am so excited to announce that I have joined Lora DiCarlo as co-owner and creative adviser. @loradicarlo_hq vision represents so much of what I stand for – women-led, femme-focused, and pleasure inclusive. I am so excited to step into this role and contribute in a creative capacity with Lora and her team. Their award-winning products are redefining how people explore, experience, and take ownership of their pleasure. Most importantly, I can’t wait to create products that you want! Text me at 310-421-0894 with the keyword PLEASURE with your thoughts about the products once you’ve tried them or to let me know what you want us to create. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!
11/19/2020 05:17
Halloween throwback ???? ???? ???? Was transformed into the ultimate rock star thanks to @mollyrstern @mararoszak @eleanors.closet @jamesturell
11/13/2020 01:47
Trick or treat
11/13/2020 01:35
11/13/2020 01:29
11/08/2020 02:48
11/08/2020 02:40
It’s a day of celebration and @eleanors.closet is doing it right ❤️????????❤️
11/07/2020 11:19
Take a friend and go VOTE in honor of Kenny’s bday. #CaKe
11/03/2020 08:34
These fire sneakers are made of RECYCLED plastic !! Loving them. ♻️ @puma x @firstmileimpact
11/01/2020 02:29
You can take the girl out of the arcade.... @polycade
10/30/2020 09:38

Cara Delevingne новости

08 июня 2020
BBC Three выпустит документальный фильм о Каре Делевинь.
07 мая 2020
Журнал People, ссылаясь на источник из окружения пары, сообщил о разрыве модели и актрисы.
26 февраля 2020
На показе Dior среди популярных персон были замечены Кара Делевинь, Деми Мур, Карла Бруни, Елена Перминова и другие.
27 января 2020
Известные и знаменитые поддержали идею Долли Партон.
29 мая 2019
Кара Делевинь презентовала капсульную коллекцию сумок из черной кожи. Новую коллекцию британская супермодель создавала вместе с французским домом моды Balmain.
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