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Imma cool (dog) mom
05/05/2021 03:33
If you need to cry... just cry and know you are not alone. Your tears will water your growing garden if you can fully understand why it’s raining ❤️
05/02/2021 11:32
So grateful to be around such creative people ☺️
04/30/2021 08:56
04/30/2021 08:04
Like nobody’s watching
04/30/2021 12:23
Details ????
04/30/2021 06:58
So moved by your words last night @tylerperry. #REFUSEHATE
04/27/2021 03:13
what would my villain name be?
04/27/2021 12:28
Who wore it better?
04/26/2021 11:51
Black tie optional
04/26/2021 07:12
“If you close your eyes and think about the future, what do you feel? If you imagine the planet and all the life that we cohabit with 20 years from now, what do you see? Take a moment. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty scared and overwhelmed as I sit here with a tight knot in my stomach. And I know that this is how many people feel. I also know that many don’t need to look to the future to feel terrified – their present is terrifying enough. Among those who desire change, despair is currently endemic.  As we scroll through our news and social media feeds, we are bombarded with narratives of polarisation and philosophies of hatred and fear. We then face the very stark realities of burgeoning social injustice, racism and an escalating climate and ecological crisis. Within this context, people all over the world – especially those who have the privilege of climate breakdown being presented as a future threat – are suffering from what some call ‘climate anxiety’ and others ‘pre-traumatic stress disorder’. This is arguably a natural response, considering the dangerous situation we are in.   But the future is unwritten and the past provides us with countless histories of cultures that have rapidly transformed for the better. It’s important for us to remember that all the solutions we need to address the climate and ecological crisis already exist. Future generations will look back at this moment and marvel at how we knew so much, in such excruciating detail, but were unable to take significant action to address the root causes. “ My letter for @britishvogue in honor of earth day ???? + my personal eco journey, how we can all celebrate, and do better. @initiative.earth @myecoresolution #EarthDay
04/22/2021 06:01
Good morning...?
04/20/2021 04:39

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11 января 2021
Звезда успевает сниматься в кино, выпускать музыкальные альбомы и писать книги.
08 июня 2020
BBC Three выпустит документальный фильм о Каре Делевинь.
07 мая 2020
Журнал People, ссылаясь на источник из окружения пары, сообщил о разрыве модели и актрисы.
26 февраля 2020
На показе Dior среди популярных персон были замечены Кара Делевинь, Деми Мур, Карла Бруни, Елена Перминова и другие.
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