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Each photo is a chapter, each glance a memory reborn. Collaborating with @stevenmeiselofficial for @vogueitalia was a dream
04/25/2024 01:22
@adrianalima is ushering in the next chapter for the supermodels of the ‘80s and ’90 – a new era where confidence, personality and life experience take centre-stage.“I feel like there has been a return,” says the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel and mother-of-five who recently starred in the brand’s Icons campaign alongside Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell and Candice Swanepoel. “These supermodels are in different stages of their lives and are being celebrated for being mature women, which is refreshing to see because, as we know, the traditional fashion models usually don’t last that long – that scenario is finishing. As women, we are being celebrated in every stage of our life.” The 42-year-old catwalk queen talks motherhood, social media trolls and creating a space for mature women within the fashion industry in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s December 2023 issue; tap the link in bio to read more.شهد زهو عالم الأزياء في الثمانينات سطوع نجمها، وسجل التاريخ المعاصر ريادتها الخالدة. وهي قادرة على التألق في الماضي والمنافسة في الحاضر. فهي صاحبة أطول فترة عرض أزياء في فيكتوريا سيكرت، وتعتبر واحدة من أحدث العارضات اللاتي انضممن إلى الحملة الإعلامية لدار "أيكون" إلى جانب نعومي كامبل وجيزيل يوندشين وكانديس سوانبول، بالإضافة إلى كونها أمًا لخمسة أطفال.وفي هذا السياق، تقول أدرينا ليما: "دائمًا يكون هناك عودة". وتتحدث عن البريق المذهل لعارضات أزياء الثمانينات والتسعينات الذي لا يزال حاضرًا بقوة على الرغم من مرور العقود. وتعلق قائلة: "هؤلاء العارضات الذين أذهلوا العالم، أسماؤهم لا تزال ترفرف في الأفق حتى اليوم، على الرغم من أن الجميع يعلم أن مهنة عارضة الأزياء لا تستمر لفترة طويلة".زوروا موقعنا لتقرأوا حوارنا كاملاً مع ملكة عروض الأزياء، التي تحدثنا فيه عن الأمومة وأسرار عالم الموضة، في عدد هاربرز بازار العربية لشهر ديسمبر 2023.Editor in Chief: @oliviaphillipsbazaarPhotographer: @mattia_guoloFashion Director: @anna_castanWords: @devinderbainsHair: @eduardobravohairMake-Up: @makeupbykellymcclainJewellery: @cartier CollectionDress: @roberto_cavalliHeadpiece: @bonfilio____hats_Local Producer: @jvd94Senior Producer: @steff.producerFrom Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s December 2023 issue.
12/07/2023 01:03
11/21/2023 04:00
????‍♀️Thank you @unistudios for hosting my family in our first time ever on @horrornights #UniversalHNN????‍♀️
10/13/2023 01:14
Styled by @MiuMiu #MiuMiu #MiuMiuSS24Thank you, @normandyhotelparis for opening your doors to me as I prepared for the Miu Miu dinner in your lovely space.Make up: @georgisandevHair 4 fashion show: @hoshounkpatinHair 4 dinner: @markiSuit: @MiuMiuShoes: @MiuMiu
10/07/2023 02:03
So sad to hear the news this morning that Michael Parkinson has passed away. Back in 2018 both @simondelaneyesq and I had the pleasure of interviewing him and I found him a joy to be around. He was kind to everyone on set & was so funny & quick-witted, & full of fascinating stories. He was modest too, swatting away our questions about his reputation as an iconic interviewer with an easy laugh. Some of his family were with him that day and I’m thinking of them today. He really was the best in the business #ripparky
08/17/2023 12:07
???? Thank You @katyperry for having us we had a Perrytastic time! ????
08/10/2023 07:37
⚽️ Exited for the opening of @fifawomensworldcup and watch our goddesses show the meaning of what’s powerful. ⚽️
07/19/2023 01:07

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