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Toni T ✌????First Day Back. 6 Months later & 6 months????????
09/15/2020 04:51
First time getting glammed in a while ☺️
09/13/2020 12:56
Exciting news... I am overjoyed to be welcoming my baby boy into the world this January ????. This little guy has already brought me so much happiness and a feeling of such a greater purpose. I cannot wait to meet you!! On a personal note, I have had the blessing of growing up in the public eye having started my acting career at age 6. While this has been incredible for me, I am very much looking forward to giving this little guy some room to grow up outside of the public eye, until he tells me otherwise ????. Lil one you were made with so much love & already exude a light so strong it warms my belly. Thank you God for this blessing ☺️ I’m just so happy & can’t wait to dedicate everyday to being the best mommy I can be ♥️ “I’ll love you forever I’ll like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be ???? “- if you know you know #preggers ???????? #quarantine???? ????????
07/24/2020 11:27
Where we are hiding away from the world ♥️????????
07/19/2020 11:48
????Can’t remember the last time I wore jeans
07/09/2020 02:59
One of the best things I have gotten out of the 2020 quarantine????????‍♀️was a bomb skin care routine. Spending so much time in the sun my skin has been so dry, so I recently switched to @olay skincare-inspired body wash with vitamin b3 complex and collagen & Olay rinse off body conditioner. Biggest game changer, legit baby bottom skin. Firmer and Healthier. yay! #availableattarget #ad #olaypartner
06/29/2020 09:45
My heart feels heavy today ???? #blacklivesmatter✊????
05/28/2020 11:41
???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????!???? “???????????????????? ???????????????? ????’???? ????????????????” ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????! ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????
05/18/2020 02:04
Sitting here feeling pretty surreal right now! Releasing music is a very vulnerable thing to do. I’ve always been so insecure when debating releasing my music. Wondering if people would actually like it. Scared of being judged. Drew and I started working on music just for fun a year ago. We didn’t even know if we would ever release any of these songs so we never even told anyone we were working on music! Finally during quarantine we decided why not just drop the songs we wrote as a mixtape under “These girls these boys” I’m so happy we did and Thankyou to all of you guys and my friends for sharing and all the support & ❤️ love! Makes it all worth it. Excited for you guys to hear the couple others! I LOVE YOU. You can stream “Sleep when I’m dead” everywhere now⚡️????????
05/16/2020 01:29
2 days!!???? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ????’???? ????????????????
05/13/2020 11:54
So so so excited. @drewraytanner & and I are dropping a mixtape under the name ⚡️These Girls These Boys⚡️. Ah!!!!! Our song “Sleep when I’m Dead” drops May 15th. Hope you guys ???? it.
05/05/2020 09:21
Happy Quarantine Birthday Boo ♥️ #24
05/01/2020 01:18

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