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Dude no cap or sponsorship but I been using your clay mask 2 times this week I can already feel my skin rehydration, it smells good and it makes my skin soft no grease dryness or oily face great products its not like I need to tell you that everything you touch is gold ???????? awesome work waiting for more
03/21/2023 03:37
I’m ready for a sip!
03/01/2023 10:48
02/14/2023 06:38
"If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.” -Buddha
01/21/2023 08:33
These are a few of @vanessahudgens favorite things…????????????
12/24/2022 07:02
Who even is she
12/13/2022 06:03
Los Angeles! This Wednesday, Nov 30th, come meet the founder herself, and give Caliwater a try! ????????????
11/29/2022 04:09
A Paris photo dump???? #RoyalMonceau
11/17/2022 07:13

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