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The smile you get when you remember there is a new episode of @sealteam_pplus out!! Oh happy Day!
10/31/2022 05:52
Birthday Glasses and a tiny hair pull to keep me on my toes. It's gonna be a great day!!! -beep beep for bday love.
09/30/2022 07:16
Mark your calendars! We are back and this season is gonna rock you to the core! Buckle up. - beep
08/19/2022 04:51
Oh HI THERE!!!!! -beep
08/08/2022 10:59
You make this daddy stuff look easy @ibrandonphillips !! ❤️❤️
06/19/2022 10:18
"I'm overdue. I'm in a rabbit stew!" Do you know the rest? ????????????????????..@cvlux @marquepr @saishabeecham @didusting @michellewustylist @whereisrowandaly. #prettyinpink #tonitrucks #cvlux #overdue #babytime
02/15/2022 06:30
My funny Valentine. Sweet comic Valentine.????❤️???? So thrilled to love and laugh through life with you. Moments away from the we before three. I love you my Brandontine. Hang on tight!! - beep
02/14/2022 07:28
The Final Stretch!! 39 weeks. Are you ready @ibrandonphillips ? ???????? This cookie is ALMOST cooked. -beep ????????‍♀️
02/05/2022 08:08
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