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THE BEARS PLEASE ????????????
11/18/2022 05:42
10/01/2022 11:13
juke box her0000000000
09/15/2022 01:29
Throwback???????? this was not long after I started walking again because I had surgery on my torn Achilles????the pain????but we pulled through sheeeesh???? Matter fact we was SNAPPING???????????????? @ciara @fatmanscoop did they thang! We had that audience on their feet from start to finish #chicagofootwork????????????
06/15/2022 12:02
love you
03/28/2022 06:14
So for a couple of years now @h.a and I have been wanting to make something. Together, in August, we were horrified to learn of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and decided to design a hoodie where 100% of the proceeds will go to @afghanistanlibre : a relief organization with boots on the ground that fights to safeguard women’s and children’s rights - as those atrocities continue to spread, we should amplify the voices of those silent soldiers. link in my story peace and love ????
12/22/2021 11:08
10/26/2021 08:59

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