Инстаграм Тейлор Свифт (Taylor Swift)

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WOW. MILAN. Those were truly 2 of my favorite crowds ever. The passion and generosity you showed us… it was a dream come true to perform for you. Grazi mille!! We’ll be back!! ???????? ????????: @vittoriozuninocelotto / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
07/15/2024 05:01
The Eras Tour has brought so many firsts with it… for example, I’d never been to Switzerland before. This place is stunningly beautiful and I loved playing for those 2 wonderful crowds in Zurich. Pretty wild to think we only have 7 cities left on the European leg of the tour. Up next is a city I’ve been looking forward to playing for so long: Milan!! ???????? ????: @noamgalai / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
07/11/2024 09:23
Three magical nights in Amsterdam!! Thank you to everyone who came to those shows, sang your hearts out, and danced all night with us! See you ???? Zurich! ????: @aldarazn / @carlosalvarezgetty / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
07/07/2024 05:17
I knew as soon as I saw the first Dublin crowd on Friday night that we were in for a wild weekend… the spirit of those 3 glorious crowds embodied fun and joy and exuberance, and we just felt so lucky to be there. The Irish fans made us feel so at home, so welcome in every way. Still smiling thinking about it now. ???????? See you soon, Amsterdam!!????: @photomcq1 / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
07/02/2024 02:15
Wembley Stadium round one was so surreal. Looking out into crowds of 90,000 fans each night and hearing that VOLUME… Those were some of the loudest crowds I’ve ever heard. Acoustic sections went OFF. I got to sing ‘Castles Crumbling’ with @yelyahwilliams for the first time - hadn’t performed with her since 2011 and man my heart was just so full of love for her and our friendship. Then the impossibly gifted and wonderful @gracieabrams came and surprised the crowd with the first performance of our song ‘us.’ And I’m still cracking up/swooning over @killatrav’s Eras Tour debut ???? Never going to forget these shows. Can’t wait to do it 5 more times in August. Up next: Dublin!! ???????? ????: @kevinmazur / @garethcattermole / @hogieaaa__ / @gettyimages
06/24/2024 05:00
Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start ???????????????????? @princeandprincessofwales
06/22/2024 12:20
Cardiff!! My first time playing in Wales and that was truly out of control in the best way - looking out into that massive, bouncing, dancing sea of people… I’ll never forget it. I’m absolutely living for these UK crowds. Next up: our weekend at Wembley!! See you tomorrow London! ???????? ????????: @shirlaine_forrest / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
06/20/2024 11:19
So many dreamy memories from Liverpool!! We played our 100th show on The Eras Tour (which feels truly deranged to say because this show feels new to me every time we play it). I want say thank you to our Eras Tour crew, my fellow performers and band who have now committed hundreds of hours to putting on this show and giving their all on and behind that stage. I can’t believe the work ethic, creativity and dedication I get to be surrounded with every day. All 3 Liverpool crowds were so expressive and generous and endlessly FUN. Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend (you broke the all-time stadium attendance record!!) AND thank you to everyone who has come to any of the shows on The Eras Tour. It’s been the adventure of a lifetime because of you. ????????: @garethcattermole / @gettyimages / TAS Rights Management
06/16/2024 01:47