Инстаграм Тейлор Свифт (Taylor Swift)

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03/20/2023 02:36
03/16/2023 08:33
Que Adele haga gira mundial, amén ????????
02/26/2023 06:19
01/27/2023 05:05
Thanks for all the beautiful wishes today!! I spent my 33rd birthday in the studio of course ???? Wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you!
12/13/2022 11:06
The first seeds of this short film were planted over ten years ago, and I’ll never forget the behind the scenes moments of the shoot. I owe everything to @sadiesink_, Dylan O’Brien, my incredible DP @the_rinayang and my producer @saulysaulysauly. I also want to say thank you to our wonderful background actors and crew who made this story come to life so naturally. I loved every second of it and I will always remember it. All. Too. Well. The behind the scenes footage of ATW the short film is out now!
12/08/2022 02:06
Anti hero but make it acoustic ????Now at store.taylorswift.com
11/11/2022 12:32
I’m enchanted to announce my next tour: Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!) The first leg of the tour will be in stadiums across the US, with international dates to be announced as soon as we can! Feeling like the luckiest person alive because I get to take these brilliant artists out on tour with me: @paramore, @radvxz, @phoebebridgers, @girlinred, @whereismuna, @haimtheband, @gracieabrams, @gayle and @owennmusic. I can’t WAIT to see your gorgeous faces out there. It’s been a long time coming ????
11/01/2022 12:21