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“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”
05/25/2024 02:11
So excited to finally share the trailer for our new movie “Latency”! It was so much fun filming it - all the genre films lovers: we’ve got you! Can’t wait for you to meet Hana and Jen in selected theaters on June 14th❤️#latencymovie
05/09/2024 05:50
Puppy Love @sarihrotko
02/08/2024 05:09
12/25/2023 03:36
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10/23/2023 04:36
Talking about my favorite place - @shawellness. Its like the best. Like it totally is. ( I say like a lot). But I genuinely LikeLove it. From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by the incredible aroma mix of aromatic oils, freshness and peace. All the treatments chosen by the therapist are aimed at restoring your physical and emotional wellbeing, and the number of different treatments offered at the centre is truly impressive (my new discovery is Brain photobiomodulation). I can’t recommend Sha highly enough - if you’re looking for the perfect place to improve your health and at the same time relax, unwind and enjoy, you know where to go. Like you know - it really works. Written by a very fresh and happy Sash.Xoxo
07/03/2023 04:12

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