Инстаграм Пинк (Pink)

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The one artist that stuck to being her true self all these years. ????she’s as authentic as it gets! Love you Pink ????
03/13/2023 08:06
I’ve decided I think P!nk would be the best squeeze/hugger ever…I know I’m just sayin…I’m so not a weirdo I swear…she just gives safe soft vibes…like a smushmellow…
03/03/2023 01:42
Mama’s still got it.Ain’t gonna eat this or the chilli it’s gonna go with, unfortunately. But my friends will! Happy first Full Moon (in Cancer) of 2023! Bon Appetit! ????
01/07/2023 12:01
My baby boy. 6 years young today. They said we couldn’t have you. Then you had to try twice to get here. I wasn’t sure I could love another the way I loved Willow already. I thought it would break me in half. Instead, having you exploded my head and my heart and made me bigger. You are a miracle. Not because of any of this.You are a miracle because you choose joy every single day. You make every room brighter, every life you touch happier, truer.. you are full body feelings.Light and laughter and truth and empathy, sensitivity, curiosity,Authentically you. You are the silliest, funniest, friendliest, kindest little human and I thank my lucky stars every single day that I get to be around someone like you. This world needs what you have. Thank you for being you. I adore you. ???? happy birthday baby. ♥️????????????♥️
12/27/2022 12:30
New remix of ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ by @samfeldt is out now! ???????? #NGNDA
12/13/2022 06:04
Gave @vevo the inside scoop on all things #NGNDA! Loved co-directing this incredible video with @nickandrjofficial ???? Go check it out people!!
11/30/2022 07:53
TRUSTFALL | Feb 17 | Pre-order my new album now ???? link in bio
11/18/2022 01:00
11/05/2022 03:56

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