Инстаграм Пинк (Pink)

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I’m still not over this tour ????Australia and New Zealand, thank you (almost ONE MILLION OF YOU!!!) for spending your nights with me and still blowing my mind after all these years ????I hope you loved every minute as much as I did ???????????????????? @orielguthrie & @n_i_s_a_e_a_
05/06/2024 08:58
So happy the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has included one of my outfits from the Beautiful Trauma tour in ‘Revolutionary Women In Music: Left of Center’ - their newest exhibition. I wrote Beautiful Trauma as a snapshot of my world at that moment, how life can be both beautiful and excruciating at the same time. This outfit represents the joy there is to always be found in the dark. I find beauty in sharing that journey with you all on stage and on tour, and I’m so happy to share it with @rockhall now. The exhibition is now open in Cleveland, Ohio!!! ????
04/19/2024 07:39
HQ stills from award-winning director @davidspearing, who documented the Summer Carnival / Trustfall Tour including backstage scenes with the kids, getting ready, during the show and intimate moments with the band and crew. Check out his incredible tour coverage video ???? Link in story of @pink_fanclub© @professional_photo_mag
03/28/2024 03:05
Ready to take our final flight of the Australian and New Zealand leg of @pink Summer Carnival Tour tonight ???? @jaivasicek #summercarnivaltour #summercarnival #turbulence #trustfall #aerial #australia #newzealand
03/22/2024 10:15
I can’t believe we only have two weeks of the Australian #SummerCarnivalTour left! Thank you for sharing the stage with me every night ????
03/11/2024 01:55
02/10/2024 05:41
01/29/2024 04:39
01/04/2024 08:57

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