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08/02/2022 07:17
????????Text “Republic” to 35565 ???????? @representus
07/04/2022 11:34
Today, June 3rd marks 100 days of war in Ukraine.  For many of us, we can’t begin to imagine the heartbreaking realities of war. These children and their families deserve better. If you’re interested in helping, please look to @unicef on the lifesaving care they’re providing on the frontlines.
06/03/2022 07:14
Students across the nation are walking out because they need #MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers from leaders elected to protect them from gun violence. I stand with leaders like @roanthibault who are helping to #EndGunViolence. Text BOLD to 644-33 @studentsdemand
05/28/2022 10:11
A first look image of CASH “Red Right Hand” was released in Variety today. So grateful to the cast and crew all killing it in Kentucky.
05/20/2022 12:10
This wretched, brutal, horrific war in Ukraine has far reaching consequences for more children than you might think. As food prices rise, it breaks my heart that in addition to the refugee children I met in Moldova, vulnerable children like little Aibuka whom I met in Niger, will be at even greater risk. Organizations like @UNICEF and @WFP have the tools to stop child hunger and malnutrition. Yet to reach more children, they need help. To save lives, I'm urging wealthy countries to urgently scale up funds for the prevention, detection and treatment of severe malnutrition.
05/17/2022 04:26
some set bits n bobs #bts &????
05/13/2022 04:54
magical mamma ❤️‍????
05/09/2022 07:34

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