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In Tanzania, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau visits a woman entrepreneur who is making a difference by selling solar-powered lamps with Solar Sister. Watch more on An Optimist’s Guide to the Planet. Link in bio.
03/25/2024 07:09
“Your body goes into automatic responses and you just do it.”Pop star @officialmelb speaks to Kirsty Young in an emotive episode about the advice she would give her younger self.Young Again | Listen on BBC Sounds
03/16/2024 11:54
02/15/2024 06:21
12/31/2023 03:56
12/08/2023 04:22
11/11/2023 10:55
There’s 2 types of girls… and then idk, there’s me.New @mintswimusa just loaded
07/25/2023 02:27
The one thing we all know one day will happen is also the one thing that we are never ready for. My beloved mother Hanne left us too soon. Time is only now. The past and future figments of our imagination. In the end all that remains is the love we shared. And me and my sisters were loved by the woman who gave us life. And she was loved by all her family and friends. If you can then please support your local cancer research. In Denmark it is #kræftensbekæmpelse in the US it could be #nationalcancerinstitute
07/06/2023 10:38

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