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And summer begins!
06/27/2024 07:41
I went to Santa Barbara for a day and it became my entire personality!
06/12/2024 07:29
Never during my 2am outings to Canters Deli in my mid 20’s eating cheesy fries + coleslaw did I anticipate I would be there in full glam celebrating my friend @michaelkors and his new boutique. I loved the company, and the cookies (of course). Thank you Michael!!
06/05/2024 07:56
Yes, I tape all my products (except my @lionpose mane minis). Yes, I have a shared toiletries album with my assistants. Yes, this is all necessary!
05/24/2024 07:45
The theme of the gala is “Night Night”, and @salvadorperezcostumes had a vision, a leading lady from one of our favorite most romantic movies and left me feeling like the Queen of the Night. Can you guess who it is? Swipe to see his iconic inspiration, re-imagined with fabric the evoked the night sky!
05/12/2024 01:01
Assistant core! In a new post to Instagram, MK ASST @katelinden dethrones queen of voiceover Mindy Kaling (no tag, she doesn’t need the clout) on her own reel no less?! This caption was generated by a third party who prefers to remain anonymous.
04/27/2024 07:09
Love this bitch. Happy birthday to the GOAT @katehudson !
04/19/2024 04:58
The newest release from my book studio, FRIENDS IN NAPA by Sheila Yasmin Marikar is now available! Can you guess who I would take on a friends trip to Napa? @amazonpublishing @sheilaym
04/01/2024 04:00

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