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12/01/2023 11:05
What a joy to chat onstage @reesewitherspoon and @jennifer.garner at Hello Sunshine Shine Away. Reese I’ve known forever but am always so impressed by her commitment to changing how we tell stories about women with @hellosunshine. And JG is an OG. She is the best! I love her work as an actress and my whole family basically lives on @onceuponafarm. Times are tough and it’s great to be inspired by powerful, smart and FUNNY women (and moms). Added bonus, I got to see my beloved @fortunefeimster and @laurenneustadter. A wonderful morning! Shine Away!
10/25/2023 07:10
In this house we are all about kugel. And kegels. JK. Today I am prepping a big Rosh Hashanah dinner and making a bunch of classics! And noodle kugel is one of my favorite comfort foods. I love this beautiful holiday and the hopefulness it signifies! Happy new year to all who celebrate! I know my hair is frizzy that’s just what happens sometimes!
09/16/2023 05:00
Montana has it all. River rafting, hiking, The Blackfoot River, campfires, s’mores and the full remains of a deer skeleton. You could not ask for more.
09/06/2023 08:25
Thank you so much @sofi and @taylorswift for the best first concert EVER for my daughter, Kit! She swapped friendship bracelets all night and got to hear her favorite Taylor song live, Cruel Summer! It was such a magical night.
08/08/2023 06:10
Happy birthday, Uncle B! We love you! ???? @bjnovak
07/31/2023 05:04
???????????? @lionpose Unspotted 4X now available at Sephora.com!
07/18/2023 07:22
07/05/2023 03:28

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