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11/27/2023 04:53
11/16/2023 05:00
No longer concerned with your opinion over my life I have dominion!!! ????MJB
11/05/2023 06:03
It’s a whole new day ???? my new single “Still Believe in Love” will be out on all streaming platforms Friday 10/27, pre-save at the link in my bio! ????????????
10/23/2023 04:29
Never stop searching for your higher self! Stay up!! MJB
09/23/2023 06:44
Doin’ it for the culture that raised us, inspired us, moved & grooved us. It’s in our blood, it’s in our beat, it’s in our fly, it is the heat!It was yesterday, it is today and it will continue to be tomorrow. Respect the culture, 50 years to infinity baby!! #hiphop50 #50yearsofhiphop #shopthejewelz #SISTERLOVEHH50 Shop @sisterlovemjb ✨
08/02/2023 07:07
Even blind eyes can see the truth- Lil Wayne ????
07/14/2023 08:50
Happy Father’s Day to all amazing fathers!!!
06/18/2023 04:29

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