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Everyone has been witnessing the devastating effects of the Covid crisis in India. Lets talk, discuss our feelings, pray and most importantly, come together to help those in need. ???????? Join us online today as we come together for a one-of-a-kind live, virtual fundraiser where for every rupee raised our donor partners will match the proceeds. Together we can make a difference. I BREATHE FOR INDIA. Click on the link in bio to donate http://bit.ly/IBreatheForIndia The only way to make a difference is - TOGETHER #IBreatheForIndia #donate @give_india @larabhupathi @shayamal @TiEGlobal1
05/09/2021 11:45
Happy Mother’s Day to the baby of our house! ???????? we love you Mumzooo!! Thank you for being YOU Geetuuuu!! ???????? @geeta_sanon
05/09/2021 10:19
Today we join hands to come together for one cause - to help India fight against COVID-19. For every rupee raised our key event donors will match up to 7.5 crores in proceeds. I stand for India, I BREATHE FOR INDIA – do you? I urge you all to pls click on the link in my Bio and Donate! ???????????????? The only way to make a difference is - TOGETHER #IBreatheForIndia #donate @give_india @larabhupathi @shayamal @TiEGlobal1
05/08/2021 09:26
I am Committed in my effort to helping India accelerate the fight against COVID-19, Every rupee we raise through this fundraiser will be doubled by our donor partners. I BREATHE FOR INDIA, do you? Click on the link in bio to donate http://bit.ly/IBreatheForIndia The only way to make a difference is - TOGETHER. #IBreatheForIndia #donate @give_india @larabhupathi @shayamal @TiEGlobal1
05/07/2021 12:11
I try and see a silver lining in everything.. a ray of light in the dark, good in the bad.. Ya.. I am that person.. ????????‍♀️ Main aur meri tanhayi aksar baatein kiya karte hain.. ???? Just felt like sharing my today’s bedtime thought.. ???? Thank you for being my “Dear Diary” for the night.. #WeAreInThisTogether ????
05/06/2021 09:14
My Morning Facial ????
04/22/2021 07:27
#ArunachalTravelSeries #BHEDIYA ???? Episode 4: And... Its a schedule WRAP! ???????? @varundvn We were blessed to have finished the schedule so smoothly during this terrible pandemic, thanks to Arunachal Pradesh being a Covid free state and the authorities being so helpful! ????????
04/20/2021 12:36
And its a schedule wrap for me in Ziro for #BHEDIYA! ???? From Dilwale to Bhediya and all the years of friendship in between, we’ve come a long way @varundvn ????.. Gonna miss you, the captain of our pack @amarkaushik and the entire Wolfpack ???????? See you guys soon!! And bye bye Ziro! ????: @harjeetsphotography
04/19/2021 01:13
This might make your day???? We all have been there, haven’t we? ???? P.S. : cant believe you did that to her @varundvn ???????? #Bhediya @amarkaushik @nowitsabhi @pvijan
04/17/2021 06:52
In Love with @myfitness Peanut Butter ????❤️ Order yours from www.myfitness.co.in , use my code KRITI for extra discounts ???? #myfitness #peanutbutter #myfitnesspeanutbutter
04/15/2021 08:59
Her eyes spoke A thousand stories That her heart refused To share with the world. ???????? — Kriti Sanon #SanonScribbles @cosmoindia @rohanshrestha
04/11/2021 12:26
#ArunachalTravelSeries #Bhediya Episode 3: All heart! ???? the Wolfpack loves Ziro! Auuuuuuuuuu ???? ???? #Bhediya @varundvn @amarkaushik @maddockfilms @nowitsabhi
04/09/2021 11:50
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