Инстаграм Кэйт Бэкинсэйл (Kate Beckinsale)

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Happy Easter ????????????
03/31/2024 04:30
Oh.the day you died comes round so suddenly even when I’m expecting it . This is my first year without any father figure at all for a long long time . How I miss you . How familiar this falling through an abyss . How horribly like home falling with no one to catch you feels . I hope your energies have met. I’m so grateful to have had your love . I feel it , like an echo. X
03/19/2024 09:48
Happy birthday and UK Mother’s Day this last week to my incredible mother . Thank you to those that love us and support us when it’s shit and try to make sure there are some bits that aren’t . And for looking after our dogs when we can’t , and lead us to remember happy things when we can’t . And turn up when we are sick and sit with us . . And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love..Thank you for loving us,those who do ,and for the amazing, kindest Nick,and especially for my mother’s capacity for joy. It is so inspiring and beautiful .Happy everything mama . Your fight for joy despite also welcoming tears is the experience of watching a warrior up close .I love you x
03/11/2024 12:42
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