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Thank you for this @vanjones68. We are moving forward ???????? #bidenharris
11/07/2020 09:31
If you haven’t already, please get out and #VOTE! Thank you to this amazing group of PA phone bankers and voters for letting me crash your zoom.
11/02/2020 11:53
I think I was 19 here. That would have been 2000... when I spent a lot more time in the gym ???? It was also around the first time I voted. I just remember thinking voting was cool, and it all felt very... adult — I don’t think I really understood the weight of it all or took the time to learn what my choices in candidates really meant. ⠀ ⠀ Now, I know how powerful each of our voices can be.  ⠀ ⠀ If you’re voting for the first time, or you’re still not sure if you even wanna vote — because you think your voice won't make an impact, or you don't trust the process, or it all seems just like a headache... all I can say is, we really need you. ⠀ ⠀ This is about our children growing up in a world where racism is condemned, not tolerated. It’s about ensuring that women are empowered everywhere decisions are being made. We have to vote so we don’t go backwards.   ⠀ ⠀ All of this to say, I will be voting for @joebiden and @kamalaharris. I’m voting early, and by mail this year.  ⠀ ⠀ Please make a plan, and #VOTE ???????? Link in my bio.
10/22/2020 07:08
10 years ago today The Social Network came out. A lot has changed in a decade. That’s an understatement... but I’m just gonna leave it at that. Also, drop the “The”, it’s cleaner. #TBT
10/01/2020 05:55
Following the debate last night, this group of young voices right here is more important than ever. @BYP100 is an organization that I’m really proud to support –– these are 18-35 year olds working to create justice and equality for all Black people. They’re posting from my page today so we can learn more about how crucial their work is today, in an America that does not denounce white supremacy... Please turn the volume up for D'atra Jackson (the National Director of BYP100).
09/30/2020 08:03
Back together again ????????
09/28/2020 11:41
I asked Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff to take over my page today, because he and his team are behind the scenes, working to promote police transparency and accountability. This week was, yet again, another reminder that without police transparency, our already broken system becomes even more dangerous for people of color. Please turn up your volume to learn more about this organization and their fight for a fairer system ????????
08/27/2020 11:02
08/23/2020 07:56
This couldn’t come at a better time. @allinthefilm breaks down the very real issue of voter suppression in the U.S... Please watch the trailer - film is out in September ???????? The more informed we are, the more prepared we are to fight for democracy. Directed by @lizfgarbus and @misscortes feat. @staceyabrams ????
08/19/2020 01:15
2002?? ???? In the studio with @mrkudelka... before I ever recorded a single song for Justified. Learning the craft. #FBF
08/14/2020 10:29
08/12/2020 01:14
I’m just going to leave this here???????? Happy birthday, Mr. President @barackobama.
08/04/2020 05:34

Justin Timberlake новости

20 июля 2020
Джессика Бил родила еще одного мальчика.
16 мая 2019
Не секрет, что певец и актёр Джастин Тимберлейк не живёт напоказ. Но недавно он сделал исключение, и поклонники смогли полюбоваться нежным семейным фото звезды.
13 мая 2019
На днях Джастину Тимберлейку, Мисси Эллиот и Алексу Лакамоеру присвоены звания Докторов Музыки. Знаменитости были награждены на официальной церемонии музыкального колледжа престижного университета Беркли.
06 марта 2019
На днях Джастин Тимберлейк поздравил свою жену Джессику Бил с днем рождения. Но речь не о подарках или вечеринке. Певец в очередной раз признался в любви Джессике.
31 октября 2018
Вчера вышла в свет первая автобиографическая книга Джастина Тимберлейка «Взгляд в прошлое: все, что я не вижу перед собой». Издание певец дополнил целым архивом снимков, размышлениями о музыке и приятными моментами из личной жизни.
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