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today is 7/7 and as I prepare for the 11th show of my very first headlining Arena Tour ????, I can’t help but to reflect...If you are new here, today is my brother Miyagi’s birthday who passed away in 2012 at the age of 26 ???? 7/7/86 - 7/19/12 ????️story time:Not many people know, I was the opener for the very 1st Scream Tour… way, way back in the day ????Miyagi along with my mom and big sister, Jamila came with me on that tour. I would perform as the arenas would still be filling up and Miyagi would sit either front row or on the side of the stage and heckle me, boo me and give me the middle finger the whole time ???? all in good old fashion, sibling fun of course ???? Miyagi taught me to never take any of this too seriously, always have fun and essentially made me bully proof ????????‍♀️ After 12 years of not having him by our side, I often forget these things he taught me… but today I remember ????????As I travel with my children, my nephew and my 3 siblings on “The Magic Hour Tour”, I am grateful that we are all here together and that we have each other still ???? I know a piece of Miyagi’s soul is in each of us and we are here to carry on his talents, silliness, passion for family and his undeniable magic ???? We are loving and missing him always …Happy Heavenly Birthday to our Yagi, may we meet again and again in every lifetime and always in my dreams ????
07/07/2024 03:04
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06/03/2024 04:45
???? Love on Earth ????please enjoy this visual meditationwelcoming peace and tranquility for ALL ✨we invite you to play this set of sounds aloud, offering healing messages to Earth ☺️maybe open your house windowsmaybe open your car windowsor simply turn the volume up on your phoneand share the healing vibrations with ALL around youto embraceto protectto restore to connectto groundto sootheto comfortto anchor to root
04/23/2024 03:22
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04/23/2024 12:51
you thought I would forget about my home town?! never, ever that ???? JUST ADDED!! L.A and San Diego ???? see you there ✨ #themagichourtour ????
04/22/2024 09:12
thank you ???????? 3:16 ✨
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