Инстаграм Джессика Альба (Jessica Alba)

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Okay, last bday post ????♉️ Heart & soul full with gratitude for such an amazing trip with my #soulsisters ???????? We laughed, healed, ate, explored, connected, danced - and everything in between ???? Thank you @rwmayakoba for making it such a special experience ???? #AD
05/17/2024 04:08
What’s up #NYC
05/01/2024 11:30
An easy mediterranean one-pan salmon and veggies dinner ???? ???? Inspired by @brightmomentco ???????? And approved by Hayes ????????P.S. - dropping that tray could’ve been game over… thank GOODNESS I accidentally prepped extra veggies ????????‍♀️????????
04/16/2024 11:40
Honoring and feeling into this Solar Eclipse ????✨Eclipses are all about new beginnings but this one has such an element of closure - about letting go so you can walk through a new portal and move into your power. This eclipse is in Aries ♈️ which is about our souls purpose - our life’s mission - so it really invites you to release anything that blocks you from aligning with your true soul fulfillment. It is about understanding that your pure soul - your essence - is worthy of love and acceptance no matter what. Everything that makes you dynamic, that isn’t easy, that can be perceived as a flaw or a shadow side of you… it’s all about encompassing the darkness with the light ???? We’re here to have this very human experience for a reason ????????Wherever you are, whether you may be able to see the eclipse or not, it will be felt energetically around the world - so I hope you take a moment to connect, fill yourself with love, meditate with the energy, let go of what no longer serves you… The vibration that’s being created right now will last about two weeks, so there is a lot of time to work with this energy - take time to reflect, go in, sit with yourself - and just ask yourself what doesn’t belong to you? It’s time to align with you - and chose YOU. Who are you and what do YOU want? What is your soul here to do and manifest? Sending so much love and light ❤️????????????
04/08/2024 05:57
Easter with my mains ????????✌???????? #HappyEaster
03/31/2024 04:26
#ELLEDigitalCoverStar: Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) has always embodied strength. In her films, she portrays characters who are formidable, emotionally resilient, and unwavering in their pursuits. It’s as if the roles she’s essayed in her over three-decade career on screen could actually serve as a manual for navigating the complex world of Hollywood as a woman. Being passive and compliant isn’t her style. Within minutes of conversing with Alba, it becomes evident that she operates from a place of authenticity. She is sharp yet not abrasive in her responses, effectively articulating why she has always maintained a sense of toughness about herself. Head to the ???? in the bio to read more about our digital cover star._________________________On @jessicaalba: High neck incut fitted gown with gold sequins base and gold nakshi lines and high jewellery earrings both by @manishmalhotraworld, @manishmalhotrajewellery _________________________ELLE India Editor: @aineenizamiahmediPhotographer: @veronicasamsFashion Editor: @zohacastelino Words: @barrynrodgersHair: @brittneyryanhairMakeup: @mariavargasmakeupNails: @nailartbyqueenieBookings Editor: @alizaafatmaaAssisted by: @komal_shetty_ , @nirali_p1, @jessiesomekh (styling); @reeceknupp, @colemicek (photography)Production: Veronica Sams StudioArtist’s Reputation Management: @fullcoveragepr_________________________#JessicaAlba #ELLEIndia #CoverStar
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