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03/27/2021 08:58
I am heartbroken by the rise in hate crimes and violent attacks against Asian Americans ????. There is no room for racism or discrimination of any kind in the world, period. My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting in Atlanta and to every other Asian American that has faced hate, discrimination, fear or danger of any kind. I stand in complete solidarity with the Asian-American community ????????. With Diversity + Inclusion being an integral part of @honest’s core, we recently held listening sessions with our internal family. These sessions were a safe space for our employees to come together virtually and support one another. We shared personal stories and took the time to learn from each other’s perspectives. As a company, we’ll continue to be compassionate and raise awareness through education as there is always room to be better and live consciously.  While this activity with our Honest fam was only one way for us to learn and support one another, there are so many things you can (and should ‼️) do to show your support for the Asian community and #StopAsianHate. Please, have these conversations with your family + friends, educate yourself, donate to organizations, sign petitions, check in on those around you - our Asian family needs our support ❤️ Resources to #StopAsianHate: Educate: Act to Change (@acttochange) Support: Report instances of anti-Asian assault and crimes (@stopaapihate) Donate: Asian Americans Advancing Justice (https://www.advancingjustice-alc.org/)
03/22/2021 03:36
This week, my #WCW goes out to the beautifully gifted & poetic @cleowade ????✨Cleo is unlike anyone else - she has this incredible way of drawing you into action with her inspiring words. She delivers truly relatable and simple messages of hope and love. Over the last year, I found myself picking up her ‘Heart Talk’ book of poems often. Between her quotes, mantras, poems, books, handwritten notes, all the things - Cleo’s words and messages are food for the soul ✨ They hit you in the perfect spot and provide a sense of encouragement and comfort through the page - kind of like having your BFF ????‍♀️ in the room who knows what you’re going through and is giving you a big hug. One of my favorite parts about Cleo’s work is that it never feels preachy or makes you feel like you need to do more - instead, her words are supportive and her messages are uplifting ???? Thank you, Cleo for filling my heart with love, and providing the space for self-worth ???? Your work has helped so many feel that they are enough and loved no matter what. Cleo, as a mama, friend, poet, author, activist...& the list goes on - you genuinely inspire me each and every day. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and healing the souls of so many out there ❣️ Make sure to check out Cleo’s latest book, “What The Road Said” available March 23. Her first kids book!!! Congrats!!!
03/18/2021 05:12
Super excited to share Part Two of my @honest_beauty #GettingHonest @youtube with my girl @dianaemmeline ???? She’s beyond dope in so many ways - host/creator/producer of one of my fave podcasts @hwoodincolor & artistic director of the nonprofit film house @filmstreams ✨Check out our nod to Modern 60s Glam with our #GRWM #Glam Edition vid - link in profile ✌???????? #cleanbeauty
03/17/2021 07:40
My Grampers -You overcame tremendous obstacles to give us all a chance to live a better life. I still can’t believe you are gone.... your light was so bright -I guess it just felt like you would always be here. ???? A friend told me that the tears are a way for us to express the love that we have for those we have lost, because love is a feeling and emotions are so much more powerful than words. When grieving, tears are our expression of love. Somehow it makes the uncontrollable breakdowns more bearable. I’m so grateful for the last few days I got to spend with you, cry with you, sing with you, talk about the olden days and the point or meaning of life... what it all boils down to is love, family and that we are all connected, the magic of life is in our relationships and creativity. You were a worrier but often told me to “let things go and not to stress or worry so much, there’s more to life than work and career” “family is everything, family always comes first”. I carry these values with me and make sure my children understand that through thick and thin, it’s important to always put family first. I miss your guitar playing, looking back, it was the soundtrack of my childhood. I miss your office, stacked with all your bookkeeping files, beautiful guitars lined the walls in cases or on stands. It smelled of sweet vanilla tobacco for your pipe and Old Spice aftershave. You always had an awesome sound system to play your favorite classical music that you put on level 10 volume- falling asleep to the sounds of Andres Sergovia, Mozart, Beethoven etc.... on our birthdays you would wake us at 5 or 6 am playing the Mariachi version of Feliz Cumpleaños ????????. I already miss Christmas- always the biggest family event- singing Las Posadas and Christmas Carols. Love you my Grampers so so so much.???? Miss you tremendously but so grateful for all of the time we had together. #JoseAlba #RestInPower ????????????✨
03/16/2021 01:44
It’s #SmallBusinessSaturday and I’m back with all things baby & kids related! ???????? As a mama of 3️⃣, I’ve learned so much from my friends over the years - including discovering some amazing products - so I’m excited to share these dope brands with you ???????? Comment your faves below so we can keep supporting each other AND small businesses ???????? @elfinlosangeles @dannieandlilou @kidochicago @onederchild @milla.handmadedecor @fathers_factory @hausofheadwraps @sunandlace
03/14/2021 03:14
Sunrise ???? and masking ????
03/12/2021 07:59
So excited to share Part Two of my @honest_beauty #GettingHonest @youtube with my homegirl @rebeccaminkoff ???? This powerhouse mom of 3 does ALL the things from designer to founder of @thefemalefoundercollective to her new podcast #superwomanpodcast ????????????????- we’re sharing our #GRWM tips, how to do an easy makeup no makeup look with tips for #hoodedeyes & of course talking fashion! ☺️Link in bio to watch the full vid ✨ Make sure to check out Rebecca’s podcast, SuperWomen and our Part One - Getting Honest Skincare Edition ????
03/12/2021 06:48
This week, my #WCW goes out to the luminous, badass, incredibly talented and beautiful @iamreginaking ❤️ As a woman in Hollywood, Regina has achieved what most only dream of✨????. Her career in film and television over the last 30+ has garnered critical acclaim and fanfare- her presence onscreen draws you in, no matter the format or genre. Definitely one of the best there is and a fave of mine ????????????✨! Regina has won an #AcademyAward, #GoldenGlobeAward, and four #EmmyAwards (just to name a few) ‼️ But it doesn’t end there... Regina has also been recognized by @time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Today, she’s continuing to push barriers and break glass ceilings as her talents as a director are completely changing the game ???????? S/o to one of the best films this year, ‘One Night In Miami’ ???? Between Regina’s undeniable talent as a director and the remarkable cast, this film was perfect ????. I was so moved on every level - it was elegant, poetic and... just beautifully done ✨ #OneNightInMiami ???? @amazonprimevideo @theacademy Regina, you continue to serve the world with nothing but straight excellence through your work both in front of and behind the camera. Thank you for always finding those doors and kicking them all the way open - the industry (and the ????) needs more humans like you ????????
03/10/2021 08:48
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! ???????? This year’s theme is all about choosing to challenge. We’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions all day, every day - and we should be choosing to empower women and smash stereotypes ‼️ Did you know 73% of women experience bias at work? Totally not acceptable. Did you know that only 37 companies in the Fortune 500 are run by women? Or, did you know that only 34% of Fortune 500 board seats are held by women and minorities? This needs to change. Clearly, we’ve all got a lot of work to do. At The Honest Company, we’re determined to continue supporting our female workforce so that they feel safe and empowered - both professionally and personally. 68% of our workforce are women and 59% of our leadership team are women - women are at the core of everything we do! ???????????????? This year, I wanted to challenge myself, my @honest + @honest_beauty fam & YOU to call out gender bias and inequity when you see it. Join us as we #ChooseToChallenge ✋???? #IWD2021 #IWD
03/09/2021 12:04
So excited to welcome my girl @rebeccaminkoff to my next episode of #GettingHonest ????- Besides being one of the dopest designers around, she’s also the founder of @thefemalefoundercollective and a true support for #womeninbusiness ! ✨ We are dishing all the T of having two jobs, making time for yourself & how to make your sweatsuit fashion (yes, please! ????????‍♀️) Head to link in profile for more ✌????#cleanbeauty
03/08/2021 05:17
It’s #SmallBusinessSaturday and I’m doing a roundup on one of my fave categories - HOME ???? From non-VOC paint to side tables to woven baskets to vases to furniture and more - I did a deep dive on all things interior design. Check out these brands to help create the ultimate vibes ✨ in your home and comment all of your faves below ???? @clarepaint @theroguemarketplace @mybloomist @sarepandrose @shop_villa_rustica @shopanecdote @saffronandpoe @sew_trill @rugandweave @loomandkiln
03/07/2021 03:14

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Актриса ни разу не читала положительных отзывов от кинокритиков.
17 декабря 2019
Ежегодная праздничная вечеринка для детей прошла в Лос-Анджелесе.
12 марта 2019
Джессика Альба украсила руку тату в честь своих детей. Это три созвездия, являющиеся знаками зодиака дочерей и сына актрисы.
24 сентября 2018
Дженнифер Лопес провела в Лас-Вегасе очередное Шоу All I Have Джей Ло. Это третий грандиозный концерт звезды с 2016 года, который собирает многочисленных фанатов, друзей и коллег Лопес.
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