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@irisvanherpen is one Bad Girl who does it right.
05/31/2024 12:42
@willowsmith’s new novel Black Sheild Maiden is NOW AVAILABLE  EVERYWHERE!!! Her book is incredible! I couldn’t put it down! (Link in story)
05/07/2024 04:04
“Girls Hold Up This World”circa 2005 ???????? #flashbackfriday
04/05/2024 05:08
03/29/2024 05:09
✨symptom of life✨ OUT NOW! Congrats Willow!! You’ve worked soooo hard to become the artist you’ve always dreamed to be since you were a little girl. It’s been inspiring and an honor to watch your journey all the way through✨ I love you❣️ @willowsmith
03/12/2024 06:11
02/20/2024 01:31
12/08/2023 07:04
11/26/2023 09:50

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