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Rest in Power Uncle Eku. You did your thing.
10/18/2023 09:59
09/28/2023 03:46
I’m incredibly honoured to be featured on the cover of @FORBESAFRICA August/September issue where I share the exciting wide-ranging work I’ve been fortunate to undertake on the continent. It continues to be the privilege of a lifetime to give back to Africa’s creative and cultural industry, a wellspring of wealth and agency for our youth. I’m thrilled about the Creative Academies we are working towards in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania and the ambitious development project of building a world-class afro-dynamic eco-city on Sherbro Island off the coast of Sierra Leone with my business partner Siaka Stevens. This project is the first of its kind and an inspiring example of the promise, power and potential that exists when the Government and the Private Sector cooperate in Public Private Partnerships. Finally, I highlight the humanitarian work that my wife @sabrinaelba and I have embarked on with IFAD and the progress we have made by teaming up with amazing men and women to lend a helping hand to farmers in rural areas across Africa.Special S/ODelwik Group Chanel Retief and Lucy Nkosi for the story and visualStylist - @cheryl_konteh Groomer - @jojowilliamsmakeup Barber - @riazeblade Photography- alexjpiper
08/07/2023 08:13
Living of the Wall.
07/14/2023 06:26
06/21/2023 08:03
05/27/2023 08:53
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