Инстаграм Флоренс Пью (Florence Pugh)

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Didn’t want the chilli to feel embarrassed for falling on the floor at his own dinner party.
06/22/2022 11:33
I can’t get over this @louisaballou two piece from the other night, love a trou you can high kick in and then take off and go swimming should you ever need.. Thank you @thestandardibiza for an unbelievable weekend. Truly a trip I shall be remembering and recovering from for a long time. Ha. I will be drinking green juices and eating spinach for the entire week. Styling- @rebeccacorbinmurray Makeup- @babskymakeup Hair- @jordanrobertsonhair
05/24/2022 11:57
“Load it with everything,” the hungry woman in very white jeans exclaimed. “Everything..?” The hot dog trolley lady hesitated, her tongs held in pause in the air. “Everything,” the hungry woman wearing very white jeans said. Then, looking at her dead straight in the eyes, focusing hard and serious she repeated, “every. Thing.” AND I WOULD LIKE TO ALSO ADD, THAT I DIDNT SPILL A FECKIN SPLASH OF ANY OF THAT ‘EVERYTHING’ ON THOSE ‘VERY WHITE JEANS’. P.S if you walk out of The Bourbon on a Saturday night and there’s a fantastic hot dog lady serving out front, GET THAT CASH OUT AND EAT ONE. Cuz it was the tits. Yours truly, FP. x (Thanks for being my hotdog holder @carybrothers)
05/10/2022 03:33
Had a cute Q&A with @jcrew chatting all things clothes, tea, trailer traditions, classic movies, my love for Rizzo, epic friend day adventures and of course… all while Billie was having a fantastic time throwing her tug of war toy in the background. Loves attention. Head to link in my stories to check out their new classics #jcrew #ad #injcrew P.S… I MISS THAT HAIR SO MUCH. Looooooove.
05/06/2022 09:21
What a jazzy cool older brother to have. GUYS. This picture has me covered in goosebumps. Even just receiving this picture has me beaming! Tobes- congrats man. Your concert is on a fucking huge poster. So much so that even YOU are looking up to it, something we’ve been naturally doing for such a long time. Looking up to you has been the classiest way to learn. Congratulations Tobester. If any of you had a rogue date cancel on you next Tuesday, or fancy grooving your little trotters to some fantastic music, head on over to the OMEARA 10th of May. @tobysebastian1 #tobysebastian ????- @mikepalmerphoto
05/06/2022 06:17
WhT. A. Night. We cheered, waved, squealed, ate hot dogs, and I took many videos of all the players sassing their bats. Thank you @dodgers for such a brilliant time. Looking forward to the next one.. ???? I do want to know what washing detergent you guys use to get out those red mud stains… #importantquestions
05/05/2022 10:39
She makes me smile. Until she farts and then I get a glimpse of what it’ll feel like in my last breaths. ????
04/23/2022 08:45
A little @davidkoma for The Northman premiere last night.. just need one of Alex’s axes to complete the look. Thank you @peterluxhair @nikkideroest @ashthepilgrim @rebeccacorbinmurray ????⚔️⛏
04/19/2022 05:07