Инстаграм Флоренс Пью (Florence Pugh)

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Just put your jazzy jeans on ????
11/23/2021 09:06
ITS OFFICIALLY PUFFER WEATHER. My amazing embroidery by @farmrio ❤️????????
11/05/2021 07:59
I did a thing.. #chopchopchop ✂️
10/30/2021 08:28
Just leaving this here. Underneath the flower dress are pillows and stuffed bin bags to fill out the dress whilst I was sat. It got hot obviously, especially when the sun was out, hence my trusty hand fan always being easily accessible. #midsommar
10/28/2021 08:33
What the.. Apparently Yelena didn’t make the cut. GUYS. I LITERALLY TALK ABOUT POCKETS IN NEARLY EVERY SCENE. Halloween= A LOT OF FREE SWEETIES. May I remind you that the vest has “A LOT OF HANDY POCKETS”.. Costume+vest+POCKETS= someone who came prepared. IT IS with great importance we understand how vital Yelena is for Halloween. Rant over, thanks for listening.
10/19/2021 05:12
When I met the legendary @billiemarten.. thank you for signing my hand while I squealed like a toddler. Hadn’t listened to live music in a long long time. It was bliss. Best first concert back to listen to. She always makes me shiver! Still beaming from your set, you’re insanely talented. Thank you @joshshinner for finally getting us together, you’re a true friend.
10/05/2021 10:04
“Checks happy, number one walking to set”
09/18/2021 11:31
My MET look #1850sthrowback
09/15/2021 12:57