Инстаграм Флоренс Пью (Florence Pugh)

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The most sensational trip. Wearing, eating, experiencing meeting the most sensational gems. @tiffanyandco it was a treat to go and open your Omotesando store, it was truly the adventure and experience I’ll treasure and replay with joy for my lifetime. Thank you.
09/22/2023 05:40
My goodness. These friends. These people. Man.. i thank all the stars for allowing these random sliding doors to have collided at the same time as living amongst these people. Thank you for all the growth, and laughter and dancing and crying and coconut and hummus and cooking and 1st birthdays and LOVE.
08/21/2023 12:56
My favourites of all. Thank you @wildernesshq for yet another stupidly gorgeous weekend. Even the mild to excruciating food poisoning on the last day was an interesting twist that I truly wasn’t expecting.. and I still wouldn’t change a thing. Not even a bite. Thank you friends for being the weirdest bunch of freaks a 5’4 girl could ask for. I love you I love you I Looooove you.
08/08/2023 09:56
Thrilled to announce my partnership with @tiffanyandco whilst wearing the Tiffany Lock, which beautifully symbolises connection. Equally special day in shooting this campaign as I was still hiding my shaved hair at the time. Thank you for allowing me to be me, I’m very proud of what we all made that day. #TiffanyLock #TiffanyAndCoPhotographer- @zoeghertnerStylist- Camilla NickersonHair- @peterluxhairMakeup- @babskymakeup Nails- @nailglam
08/01/2023 04:45
@pppiccioli i’m always so inspired. So grateful that we got to see the art that you and your creators and makers worked and continue to work so hard on. Stunning again. Well done to all who graced those steps, unbelievably beautiful show. @maisonvalentino
07/06/2023 11:31
I may be a day late, but I sure as shit will not be missing out on this celebration of one of the most beautiful and purest people on this planet. There’s been a handful of times this year where I’ve looked at my dear friend and thought, wow, it hasnt even been 3 months/6 months/9 months since knowing her and how strange that thought is. I met @ashleyparklady at the Valentino couture show not even a year ago yet (WHAT?!) and she has changed my life exponentially. You know when you come across people where your humour slots into place instantly, your memories form with every minute you have the pleasure of being in their company, and most importantly, their way of being wraps around you so tight and lifts you up so high that you’re confused they were never there before? I feel very lucky that my doors slid and allowed me to love and learn from this special lady. Celebrating yesterday, today, tomorrow.. and so on.. is so easy to me because life is a lot sunnier since Ashley came into it. And the coolest thing? She shines her awesome light on everyone she comes into contact with. She is as gorgeous and interested and sparkly and involved with everything and everyone. Fuck it, let’s celebrate Ashley month. Happy birthday month my sweet. I knew from our first pasta photoshoot (we’d only known each other for a matter of minutes) that you were the Parmesan to my bowl of plain pasta.
06/07/2023 11:27
I love working and playing with talented friends. @joshshinner is just the best at capturing everyone’s inner ‘them’. Love you dude. Gosh you’re wonderful! #joshshinner
06/01/2023 12:23
150 added theatres this weekend!! So excited to announce. If you go and check out our movie this weekend please let us know what you think! @agoodpersonmov Fun fact about these shots outside, we were in the middle of setting up and shooting THAT scene at the end with Nathan and Allison sat opposite each other on a round table (no spoilers don’t worry) and one of the cameras wouldn’t work. I can’t seem to remember why but it was full on ‘oh shit oh no we don’t have much time oh fuck’ energy going on. And Zach got his Red Komodo camera out and said let’s just shoot some content outside in the beautiful red leaves and we did. Whilst the other camera was being tinkered with. For me, I’ve always loved the thrill of having to turn the day around and change everything ‘right now’. It happens a lot on smaller movies due to not wanting to waste any of the shoot day because of budget, everyone just having to turn the day on it’s head instantly in that moment because you don’t have time to dawdle. That energy of, if you don’t move now we will lose this day and this time so let’s just shoot something. At the beginning of my career I learnt only on tiny baby iddy indie movies, that just HAD to have that energy throughout or else you came out with nothing. I love it. I love that magic on a film set. Everyone moving fast, everyone dedicated, moving lights and sandbags and booms and radio’s last minute getting everything out of shot. It weirdly, nearly always captures something pure magic. This shot was magic!
03/31/2023 04:07