Инстаграм Эмили Ратаковски (Emily Ratajkowski)

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Sleepy from book press, I come downstairs this morning to my big boy CLIMBING the stairs to hug me. Nothing better. ❤️
11/10/2021 09:29
I wrote this book to better understand the experiences that have impacted my beliefs and politics. Some of the most valuable, insightful and open conversations I’ve ever had have been with my close female friends. I tried to tap into the vulnerability I’ve known in those moments in these essays. My only hope for this book is that, before you form an opinion, you do me the favor of reading my story in my own words. My Body is available everywhere today.
11/09/2021 04:28
Thank you @thetimes for this story and cover. My Body is available everywhere tomorrow. Link in bio to order.
11/08/2021 04:30
Thank you @vanityfair “Emily Ratajkowski’s body has sold burgers. It’s sold perfume that smells of the ylang-ylang tree with notes of sandalwood and ambrette seed. It’s sold a range of hair products and at least one ‘innovative lifestyle beauty brand.’ It’s sold a few lines of intimates and untold numbers of swimsuits. It’s sold inexpensive clothes and mid-range clothes and luxury clothes. It’s sold pants when it wasn’t even trying to, when it was just walking down the street. The thing that her body will not be selling, though, is her book. She’ll sell My Body with her name.”
11/05/2021 03:54
Thank you to @toryburch @penamerica for hosting such a special night, @lisadtaddeo for our conversation and all of the lovely friends who joined us. Preorder link for My Body is in my bio.
11/04/2021 04:03
@lisadtaddeo’s Three Women is an incredible book about female desire that I couldn’t put down. It was an absolute honor to talk to Lisa about my book of essays (available next week!Preorder link in my bio). Please take a minute or two to read our conversation for @elleusa. Link is in my stories
11/03/2021 03:49
@nytimes profile by @laurenchristensen photos by @cahlinetompkins Link to read in my stories. “For Ratajkowski, ‘My Body’ is not just about modeling. ‘Every woman I know—doesn’t matter what they look like, or if they’ve commodified their image or not—knows what it feels like to be looked at, to be rejected, to get attention for how they look,” she said… ‘One takeaway I hope people know about this book is that it isn’t just, Oh, I’ve been so hurt, and another #MeToo story,’ she said. ‘This is a book about capitalism. I just have an asset that I traded on that was specific, and I think most women do. Even if it’s in your marriage.’”
11/01/2021 05:16
???????????????????????????????????? Thank you ! @m_magazine and the team! I love these images so much.
10/28/2021 04:52

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