Инстаграм Эмилия Кларк (Emilia Clarke)

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When on strike? Trapeze.From a back flip to a face plant, its the journey that counts ???????? #yocirquedusoleilwheredoisign#fyithatsgamefacenotfearformyface
08/16/2023 05:06
08/15/2023 06:30
????MAMMA MIA! ITALIA!! You will always have my heart, my summer, and my sea legs.. get the people you love, stick them on a boat and then by a pool, add Italian food and one too many bottles of prosecco and hey presto! You have peak relaxation. For full effects repeat once a year.#apparentlyiwasapirateinanotherlife #inowunderstandthetruebeautyofnaps #letsseehowmanyhoursmyrelaxationlastsinlondon…I’m
07/30/2023 03:19
????!!!GLASTONBURRRRRRYYYYY!!!????You don’t walk you dance, you discover the healing powers of tequila and realise that 3 hours sleep is all anyone needs to get up and continue raving, aka where bad decisions turn into the best decisions you’ve ever made all while watching acts do the best gigs of their life… #glastonbury2023 thank you for giving this gal her groove (and youth) back whilst simultaneously stealing her vocal chords ????????????#inowdontspeakisqueak #myliamgallaghertributebandlookismynewhotgirlsummer#ohitsgreatwhenyoufindyoursoulmateisagoat#????
06/27/2023 12:26
It’s all coming up roses over here… not only does Secret Invasion get released to the world in a few days time but I also get to have my ultimate dream team making me feel like a QUEEN on the red carpet! Thank you thank you thank you my beauties @petraflannery @kateleemakeup @jennychohair @mararoszak #thesecretsoutthebagnow #allhailSLJ#secretinvasion
06/15/2023 06:34
IT’S COMING!!! In two short weeks an invasion is here. I couldn’t be prouder to have this badass show. You won’t wanna miss streaming June 21 on @disneyplus @marvelstudios #secretinvasion Buckle up kids!
06/08/2023 10:55
The single greatest night of my life occurred yesterday. THE QUEEN @beyonce CAME TO SLAY!!! She brought us to tears, she brought us dancing ‘till our feet bled and my God did she remind us why life is worth every second of living. We bow down to your glory & the most spectacular awe inspiring show I have ever witnessed! MIND. BLOWN. THANK YOU! Thank you @tottenhamhotspurstadium and @hallsandhalls for organising! What a night! (I’m now going back to bed) ???????????????? ???? #beyonceforpresident #skankinglikenooneswatching #beyoncemakesyouthinkyourwhitegirltwostepainttoshabby
05/30/2023 09:44
Happy birthday! I hope You all have enjoyed his special day. I wish You all the best and lot’s of love!
03/18/2023 11:11