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Nos Alive Festival, Lisbon // summer tour // 12.07.2024 ⛓️ glam using @yslbeauty ofcourseeeee ????
07/13/2024 09:45
Next up for the Service95 Book Club…“Like many people my age, I was partly raised by Malorie Blackman. She creates worlds you want to carry with you and each story encourages its young readers to ask the important questions in life.  
“Noughts & Crosses is my absolute favourite of her books. I remember devouring each book in the series as they came out in the early 2000s, desperate for the next instalment. Part of the reason it is so enduring is because while it is written for young adults, it is still a brazenly political read. It was my first step to understanding racism and classism, opening the door for questions that are just starting to form in young minds.  
“Noughts & Crosses is set in a parallel world that resembles Britain, in which Black people (Crosses) are the ruling class, and white people (noughts) exist as second-class citizens. The book follows Sephy Hadley, a Cross whose father is a senior politician, and Callum McGregor, the nought son of the Hadley’s housekeeper. Although written over 20 years ago, Sephy’s father would not be out of place in today’s populist political landscape. As Sephy and Callum’s relationship evolves, questions are asked about love, betrayal and belonging. It’s pacey, romantic, tortured and enlightening. What more could a young reader ask for?” - Dua x
06/25/2024 07:24
happy happy friday!!! 1 week countdown to glastooo and i'm so excited that @theblazeprod remix of illusion is OUT NOW AND YOURS!!!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
06/21/2024 10:38
wow what a kickstart to our summer shows... and we're only just warming uppp!!! Thank you Berlin for dancing in the rain with us ????????????????????????
06/06/2024 09:03
CAMDEN!! this is a big full circle moment for me and i'm so proud to be an executive producer and to have worked on a new original documentary series that celebrates the very place I started everything!!! Camden will always have a special place in my heart and I'm humbled to share that with some of my absolute musical heroes ~ SAVE THE DATE because we'll be streaming from 29 May, exclusively on @DisneyPlusUK and @Hulu ????⛓️❤️
05/22/2024 03:05
RADICAL OPTIMISM NUMBER 1 ALBUM IN THE UK!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????? @officialcharts #1️⃣!!!!!!!!!!
05/10/2024 04:43
beautypapers bts @briannalcapozzi ????
05/01/2024 06:22
This week...
04/21/2024 02:03

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