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03/19/2023 03:02
Empanadas y vinos ????????????????
03/05/2023 01:19
DUA X CARTI ??? ????????????????????*+
02/20/2023 12:33
02/09/2023 12:04
24hrs in Madrid ????????????????
01/15/2023 10:39
wow happy Sunday indeed ~ from myself and the @service95 team ???????? thank you @thetimes for the wonderful write up!
12/18/2022 04:21
⭐️Thank you @variety for the Hitmaker Of The Year 2022 Award that I get to share with the GREATEST @eltonjohn ~ big love to the dreamteam⭐️ @pnaupnau ⭐️ @davidfurnish ⭐️ what a yeaaaaaar!
12/04/2022 04:05
I was delighted to join Amal and George Clooney this week as they honored courageous defenders of justice and human rights through the Clooney Foundation For Justice’s Inaugural Albie Awards. It was inspiring to witness what a just society could look like through the tremendous work of all the honorees presented that evening. I had the honor of presenting the Justice for Survivors award, alongside my dear friend Nadia Murad to iAct, for its work with survivors of genocide and other mass atrocities. iAct worked with the Clooney Foundation for Justice to interview survivors from Darfur, Sudan, who have been trapped in refugee camps in Chad for over a decade. Using this evidence, Amal Clooney represented over 100 survivors in a trial of a militia leader at the International Criminal Court.I’ve learnt through my friendship and my campaigning work with Nadia Murad just how important it is to gather testimony from survivors of genocide, and to do this in a sensitive way. It is very difficult to ask someone to relive their trauma, but as Amal has demonstrated, survivors hold great power through their testimony in trials against perpetrators of mass atrocities.It was a privilege to be a part of this night with old and new friends coming together to honor these great defenders of democracy, equal rights, free speech, women’s rights, racial equality, and justice for survivors.@clooneyfoundationforjustice @iactivism #TheAlbies
10/01/2022 07:42

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