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There’s hate from back in the day that still fuels me till today…and like those people who claim we cousins or that hollywood click hopper that calls me brother…we can’t relate.
11/29/2022 02:17
@lunaluna 1987
11/18/2022 05:05
i was up plotting on the next one the night the last one droppedyou cant fckn make this shit up
11/11/2022 05:52
Official Tracklist ????️???????? HER LOSS
11/03/2022 08:01
Me and my brother on newsstands tomorrow!! Thanks @voguemagazine and Anna Wintour for the love and support on this historic moment Her Loss Nov 4th
10/30/2022 10:25
Jimmy Cooks directed by Mahfuz
10/22/2022 08:51
built the foundationcurved the temptationdeaded the speculation all in hopes to hear you say congratulations but all i heard was more complaining
10/20/2022 08:38
Happy 5th to my twin ????????????
10/12/2022 01:35

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