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Merry Christmas! ????❤️
12/25/2022 04:36
Happy @Avatar Day ✨???? Can't wait to see Way of the Water!
12/16/2022 04:48
Kitchen refresh (part 2!) with @shaunafaulisi — the perfect to-go snack, Egg Poppers ????????
11/07/2022 04:35
Loved chatting with @hauteliving about leaving space in life for the unexpected! I’ve been working with life coach @victoriaesong to reevaluate how I’m approaching my time and making sure there’s room to breathe ???? and many other things. Swipe for a little piece of the interview and some suggested reading — Victoria’s book, “Bending Reality.” Must read or listen! ???? ????
11/03/2022 04:34
Baby ???? From the @santedorazio archives! #FBF
10/21/2022 04:22
After a fun summer, @randegerber and I were looking for a little refresh so we brought @shaunafaulisi in to cook for us but also to educate us on healthy ingredients and resetting your kitchen! I’m going to be sharing some of her tips and recipes over the next few weeks … first up - cooking oils, what to use and how to use them!! ????????????‍????
10/11/2022 04:51
Sundays with @meaningfulbeauty ✨ #MBGlow
09/18/2022 04:24
#BTS with @brianbowensmith for @hauteliving - coming soon ????
09/07/2022 05:17

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