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absolutely chaotic video of my most favorite night in Cannes. Had my loves @majortraeger and @zoyaroya come over for a chill night in but forgot that is impossible with one of the earth’s greatest living beings, @chefjoseandres. Every time i see him, whether it’s an actual party, a brainy retreat or just a “chill” night in, he will bring a random fresh-packed ingredient to teach us all to love. I love my nights with this man, and these two wonderful women ????
07/07/2024 08:04
Get away from the Yada Yada with your very own Nada Yada Island getaway! All you have to do is spill the tea on that one Yada Yada relationship, confessional style. To enter, just follow and tag @MetrobyTMobile on your confession post along with #NadaYadaConfessions and #Sweepstakes. That’s it! No purchase necessary. Visit NadaYadaIsland.com for more details. #Ad
06/26/2024 09:30
currently getting roasted online for being dirty because no one listened the the audio where I say I’m soaking off body makeup (to shower after!) ???????? full blown fights in John’s comments. My favorite is “baths are not for bathing”. I love a good old fashioned roasting though, u guys are killing it (it being never touching grass ever) Using my favorite @loved01skin exfoliator ????
06/19/2024 03:27
I did a trend!!!! Shop our new glassware, our fancy plate and our *~please leave by 9~* napkins OUT NOW on @cravingsbychrissyteigen!!
06/06/2024 09:10
I did this log crossing a few years ago when I last came here, when I was struggling mentally. It was incredibly hard then. My feet felt like they were 1000 pounds each, my body tensed up to the point I felt like I was in a car crash after coming down. I made it across then, after about 40 lonnnng minutes. And I’m not even scared of heights! It wasn’t the height. It’s fighting through the pain in my arms, my neck, my feet most of all. Trying it today, I was sure it would be so different. While I still struggle mentally, I thought I could make the pain go away by relaxing my body, breathing and just taking in and enjoying what I was doing. But plot twist!! It was just as hard. I shaved off a little time, but what I love about this is how much it surprises you and how much you learn about yourself. My rational mind knows that it would be totally fine to just fall…I would gently be lowered down, but the realization that I am so terrified to fall again in life that it becomes overwhelmingly debilitating both mentally and physically was…a lot. I thought that since I have seen times that were so dark since the last time I did this, that I would be fearless on this god damn thing. But I’m still so scared. Then I realized I now live my whole life so scared. I don’t enjoy much outside my family, my few friends, television and crafts. I feel like a very shrunken version of myself. And I know I am meant to be big. I’m really scared of letting you guys down and I find myself fighting with myself all day in my brain with things I want to say, things I want to explain, but I’m just so fearful. I miss so many parts of myself and I hope one day I can shed some fear and accept that I will never be perfect for you guys and that is okay!! But for now I will continue to work on it all and try to balance my brain with rational thoughts, and try to be kind to myself and my body and mind. And I will always continue to ramble aimlessly in captions ????
05/23/2024 08:56
Do all of us have custom songs for our pets?We sat down with @johnlegend and @chrissyteigen for a game of #TruthorDodo, our new series where The Dodo invites celebrities to an old-fashioned game of truth or dare... but with their dogs!Head to the link in our bio for the full episode.
05/11/2024 05:00
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05/01/2024 07:31
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04/20/2024 12:20

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