Инстаграм Кристиан Бейл (Christian Bale)

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Best movie! ????
12/12/2022 07:37
Me at my lowest point in life
11/27/2022 03:27
THIS is known as dedication to your craft!! One of the best actors of this century!! LOVE HIM!!
09/21/2022 01:06
Bale’s performance in this movie is brilliant, the most brilliant performance by a actor, I was so happy he won the Oscar for it✨✨✨
08/19/2022 12:36
Wish he would’ve gotten cut like he did for #Batman
07/24/2022 03:25
mfw paul allen begs for his life
06/14/2022 07:28
Best Sigma
05/30/2022 01:42
05/24/2022 06:01

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