Инстаграм Ченнинг Татум (Channing Tatum)

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I have no words. There aren’t any. My head or heart can not understand this. There is just so much… i don’t know where to begin. I love you. I’ll see you again my friend. Until then.
12/15/2022 12:35
Siete già stati al cinema a vedere “Diabolik-Ginko all’attacco?”Alcuni momenti di backstage durante la lavorazione del film … nell’ultima foto i @mmanetti Bros, registi del film con@giacomo_gianniotti nei panni (anzi tuta!) di Diabolik, Valerio Mastandrea in quelli di Ginko e @monicabellucciofficiel in quelli di Altea…Con questo post vorrei anche ringraziare i reparti che hanno lavorato con noi al film, la nostra costumista @gegedecarolis, tutto il reparto costumi, Tonda e la piccola Norma, @lucapompozzi e @francescalodoli58 che hanno realizzato l’iconico chignon di Eva e l’iconico trucco, @nayo_o per aver realizzato una scenografia come sempre incredibile e la nostra @serenaagneti , @nic_hil e @martaflovve per le mille avventure, @nicolemanetti per le foto backstage (mandameleeee) e @andreelucini per il@backstage … tutto il reparto fotografia e luci e tecnici e fonici, e macchinismi ed effetti speciali che vedrete in ogni fotogramma del film.Il lavoro di tutti noi è in sala e speriamo possa farvi sognare un po’ !!!#foreva#accussì@01distribution @rai_cinema @mompracemfilmAL CINEMA ???? !!!!
11/27/2022 07:29
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. THIS IS MY LAST DANCE. Inspired by @magicmikelive, we left it ALL on the floor in @magicmikemovie! See you in theaters next February. #MagicMikesLastDance
11/15/2022 05:01
All good things begin in Miami. #MagicMikesLastDance in theaters Valentine’s Day weekend. And #MagicMikeLive’s @mmltour is open now!
10/21/2022 04:18
@adamhyattphotography ????
10/06/2022 04:23
James! Thank you for sharing your love, life and family with me. Thank you for choosing me, for elevating me, and for always making me belly laugh. Here’s to many more years to follow the first extraordinary 7. ………………………………………..@jamesgunn and I got married surrounded by the most beautiful humans, the most magical scenery, and endless love and laughter. My gratitude is bursting at the seams. Thank you to every single staff member who worked so hard to make this event special for us and for our guests. It was so seamless and stunningly beautiful, I felt like I was in a movie. We only had one uninvited guest: Mr. Bull Moose. But, he sort of lives there. So, I guess we were in his home.My Hair: @lisasatornhair My MU: @rachelgoodwinmakeup James grooming: @louisemooninc Stylist: @carrielauren @lexfordays @victordevita Photos 1,2,3,4,6,7,9: @jonnymarlow Photos 5, 8: @jessmigliophotoEvent coordinator: @eksevents
09/30/2022 05:05
I love how you all have embraced @Sparkella, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that our favorite princess of everything that sparkles is returning next spring in THE ONE AND ONLY SPARKELLA AND THE BIG LIE!And I have to confess that this third book in the series. . . this one might be my favorite yet. It’s on sale May 30, 2023 and available for preorder at the link in my bio or your favorite local bookstore. #Sparkella
09/13/2022 07:10
Caught a quick ride on a Bullet Train…it got a little weird. #BulletTrainMovie
08/22/2022 09:53

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