Инстаграм Ченнинг Татум (Channing Tatum)

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The whole world will be watching. #FlyMeToTheMoon – coming exclusively to movie theaters this July.
04/08/2024 02:03
Moments of peace before the lil maniac woke up.
04/01/2024 11:35
Can’t believe after 2 years of not running I’m finally back at it. Got my miles up. I’m slow but it’s ok. I’m actually truly enjoying running again. The rest will come in time. I feel free again. Me and cutie on the run boi!
03/20/2024 06:57
01/26/2024 08:01
01/13/2024 12:10
12/15/2023 04:51
11/01/2023 09:40
Since I’m on a art roll and I’ve gotten so much sick tips and from really insane artist i admire. I did this a while back when my little one was watching movie i didn’t like lol. So i sat down and tried something. I don’t often paint. But am gonna try it more. But I’m proud of this one because it was the first time I didn’t look at some thing for a reference. I just started and let whatever came out of the page or paint to show up. And I like her. I am one day going to get classically taught hehe. Thanks for the love and support folks.
08/11/2023 08:07

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