Инстаграм Ченнинг Татум (Channing Tatum)

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Ol’charlie boy
11/23/2021 04:19
This process of making @dogthefilm has been one of the craziest journeys of my life! Also, if you would enjoy watching me get bit by a dog, this will be a very fulfilling and funny movie for you.
11/17/2021 05:00
10/13/2021 04:10
I can’t really use the quarantine as an excuse this time. I guess, the little girl in me just really likes writing #Sparkella books for my inspiration Evie. I hope you all like this next one too. #SparkellaMakesAPlan http://www.sparkella.com
09/23/2021 08:00
Little Harvest moon witch sighting tonight. ????????‍♀️
09/21/2021 08:37
So 20 years ago (holy fuk) i was a kid stand in a room of what would be probably thousands of guys trying to get picked for the shows in Milan. God knows how many they actually saw. Hoping to get picked to walk in the spring show. I never got to walk for Versace in the maybe 6 or 7 seasons in went to the shows. But last night to get to wear this……. other worldly robe…….. and to wear the most classic Versace tux. Cut boxy like Gianni wore in the 90’s was beyond my wildest dreams. Donatella thank you so much for having and inviting and letting me wear such elegant and magical clothes. it was dream like. You are a legend!and a myth. @donatella_versace
09/15/2021 05:42
Photo credit: Everly Tatum
09/06/2021 01:56
Pro tip: bmx bikes fit into elevators really easy in NY. Also her name is Khaki. She’s a rider. ???? ????
09/02/2021 01:27

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