Инстаграм Карди Би (Cardi B)

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Fireee ????
11/27/2022 10:41
Can’t believe it’s already been a week since my birthday party! Thank you to every single person who came out to celebrate especially all the fine ass women who showed up in their sexy burlesque outfits ????. And of course thank you @whip_shots , @vitaminwater and @shakeshack for making sure ppl were lit and fed lol. I still can’t believe I’m 30 with two kids ????????
10/19/2022 02:32
Okay soo how I do ? ????????
10/05/2022 12:34
‘Entrepreneur’ Always loved this powerful word. So proud to be one ☄️ @entrepreneurind
09/18/2022 10:23
Everyday the sun won’t shine,but that’s why I love tomorrow
09/15/2022 07:51
So, I was trying to do this last year but couldn’t because of all the COVID rules at the time. This middle school, IS 232 in the Bronx, has a very special place in my heart!! It turned me from an 11 year old girl into a little teenage adult. Kids in the Bronx have to grow up quickly do to our circumstances and our environment. While some young teens like around 11-13 still live in that Disney world, these kids have to grow up fast and QUICK. Like a lot of these kids i went thru so much while I was going to school here. Experiences that changed me forever and made me who I am today. I hope my donation can help create an amazing after school program that will help kids stay out the streets or a troubled home and most importantly allow them to learn something that they can take with them through LIFE. Thank you Community Capacity Development @ccdworldwide and K. Bain for partnering with me to also visit different schools and programs in Queens and Brooklyn. I love being able to help young kids however I can and I can’t waiiiittttt to tell y’all what I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s something super close to my heart and I can’t wait to share very soon ❤️❤️
09/14/2022 02:48
Words can’t describe how this boy came In to my life and stole my heart ????????…..name fits you perfectly…YOU THE WAVE!
09/06/2022 02:54
My HEARTS ♥️ …Thanks @tremaineemory for our custom @denimtears family outfits
09/05/2022 07:44