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Chef Val was so mad that I kept eating the food. But what can I say the food taste good ???? How did you guys like this weeks episode of Cardi tries??
01/15/2021 03:33
01/08/2021 05:32
Can’t wait to get home ....HornyHyena
01/06/2021 07:54
It’s time to step up and vote !We don’t know where the world will be this year , next year or maybe 5 years from now but we can’t have people like MITCH make decisions on people he don’t relate to or even give a damn about !!! Wether you are a republican or a conservative,black or white rich or poor we can all agree Americans need more then a 600 dollar stimulus check and healthcare for all these strange Diseases and virus that are going around that I personally think higher powers got some to do with ????????????????????
01/05/2021 01:33
This will be my last week of eating everything I want ????
01/02/2021 01:31
New episode of #CARDITRIES OUT NOW ON FACEBOOK!! Link in story .Thank @damianlillard !!!
12/31/2020 09:05
The vibe of the new Instagram DMs? Immaculate! You can send messages with custom reactions, selfie stickers, chat themes and more! Go to your settings now to get the update!
12/29/2020 04:33
Next year imma just hire a a photographer ????but they look so beautiful ????Merry Christmas....Thank you @ittybittytoes .
12/26/2020 03:52
Have guys watched the second episode of CARDITRIES on Facebook? It’s so fun and good to watch with families all ages .Thank you @mrodofficial ! You are the best !!!
12/25/2020 04:31
Instagram knows I tell it like it is! They asked me to help y’all hit that reset button for 2021 with some juicy advice. Starting December 26th, DM me @CardiBTruthTeller and let’s get that astral plane tight! ????
12/24/2020 08:21
I really can’t believe this is my home. I be proud of us Everytime I’m here......excuse the wrapping mess ????
12/24/2020 05:13
Happy Birthday @hennessycarolina !!! Big Pressure!!! BIG BIG H!!! Enjoy your day !
12/22/2020 11:50

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15 декабря 2020
Рэпер осудил клип Карди Би
17 сентября 2020
Певица подала на развод спуcтя три года брака.
25 мая 2020
На карантине Карди Би удалось закончить тату, работа над которым в общей сложности заняла 60 часов.
28 августа 2019
В Нью-Джерси состоялось награждение премиями MTV VMA 2019. Главную награду получила Тейлор Свифт.
19 июля 2019
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