Инстаграм Карди Би (Cardi B)

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Anybody who doesn’t like this just doesnt have or at least know about fashion. This was just beautiful! ❤️
03/20/2023 12:02
Now post the real pics these are heavily edited ???? Getty images got the untouched ones
03/13/2023 11:13
Shes a mother...and just still supporting Balenciaga.. while promoting mcdonalds..... that speaks volumes
03/08/2023 11:51
The only problem I get now is this gown ???? e Dey very easy for Aba people to find the color of material, sew ???? ????‍♀️????????????
03/05/2023 09:22
Mate, don't hype the lies of the Conservative party. The reality is we swim in sewage, and we are the most nature depleted country in Europe.
02/17/2023 05:35
I never wanted Mc Donalds more than now ???? ????
02/14/2023 06:59
yea come ????❤️
02/13/2023 09:29
one thing about cardi is that you know she'll be best dressed ????
02/06/2023 04:24