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This was a great experience I had when I went to Maui ????????????????????????????????????????????????????☀️☀️????????????????????‍♀️ .... my horse was beautiful ????????????!!!!
09/19/2020 01:26
09/19/2020 01:16
Remember when I said I was rooting for the world ????⭐️???????????????????? ?!?! More shots from that set up !!!!! Ps a couple more videos and photos from this summer are coming before I move on ????☀️????!!!!
09/18/2020 11:55
Before I move on to more of “Just a Touch of Rose“???????????????????? ….. I want to throw back to some of my favorite moments from this summer ☀️⛱???????? !!!!! These are from when I wore my favorite color yellow for my You Should See Me In A Crown ???????? video !!!!
09/18/2020 11:35
Seeing the world upside down is waaaaay better ????????✨????????‍♀️ !!!!
09/18/2020 01:43
09/17/2020 09:03
09/17/2020 02:03
Which one is your favorite ??? It’s very weird … I might be too consistent with what I put on my lips ???????????? !!! I should probably be way more open-minded to different colors but unfortunately I’m not ???? !!!! I wouldn’t wear any of these now actually ..... I haven’t been wearing color on my lips recently … just gloss ???????????? but this picture is cool ???????????????????????? !!!
09/16/2020 09:33
Just a Touch of Rose ???? Ask yourself today … am I truly happy ??? What makes you happy ... coffee ☕️ early in the morning ??? Dancing for hours ??? Making lots of plans for the day then canceling ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️??? Whatever it is .... I am trying to find more ways to give myself more self-love ..... and feeling confident in my divine feminine body !!!  I experience so much joy and passion ..... and always try to find ways I can demonstrate that to you all !!! I hope you are also finding ways to find joy and happiness ... GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!! Ps last pic is original ???? !!!
09/16/2020 09:07
09/16/2020 01:21
this is my next project “Just a Touch of Red“ .... get it .... RED ROSE ???????? ??? Ps way more of RED to COME ... my hair will get a little wilder and my body a little sweatier ❤️???????? !!!
09/15/2020 03:16
My two lil men’s birthdays are this week ???????????? !!!!!! You guys are getting older and so big and are waaay cooler ???? than me !!!!! I love you both to the moon and back ???????? ….. and I hope all of your bday wishes come true and more !!!!!
09/12/2020 08:02

Britney Spears новости

29 июля 2020
Очередной сюрприз для многомиллионной армии поклонников.
05 августа 2019
Бритни Спирс провела выходные дни со своими подросшими сыновьями. 13-летний Шон и 12-летний Джейден вместе с мамой побывали в калифорнийском Диснейленде.
23 июля 2019
Бритни Спирс вышла на публику со своим бойфрендом Сэмом Асгари. Певица впервые появилась в его компании на красной дорожке.
28 июня 2019
Оказывается, Бритни Спирс проходила пробы на роль Элли в фильме «Дневник памяти». Певица скромно умолчала об этом факте из своей жизни.
14 марта 2019
Бритни Спирс до сих пор находится под опекой отца. Без его разрешения певица не имеет права выйти замуж и родить ребёнка.
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