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Same day , New Years Eve
02/23/2021 12:14
West Bank, Palestine 2000 (Shaul Shwarz)
02/22/2021 07:00
Extreme sledding
02/22/2021 04:14
Somehow bad days become a little better with a good playlist and a car to blast it in entry to the soul....one day I’ll share my 50+ playlists with you guys....iykyk ???? @bypoppy_ ????
02/21/2021 03:20
????✅ I love You Mother Nature and all that you provide. Thank you @onetreeplanted
02/20/2021 01:56
To my libra woman: You taste like yin and talk like yang. You are not mortal, you are pleasure personified on a throne, in the corner among green palms. You’re exotic and you’re home. You have rubies bleeding from your neck. She was born when the Sun was in Libra, Charming, beautiful, full of vibrant air, Being a child of Venus she shines in the heavens, Enjoys art and music, admires loveliness, Goddess of Love blessed her with fairness, With her elegance and grace She floats like a princess. She is an artist, musician or gifted poetess. Sensual, passionate, dazzling and seductive, Mostly “In love with love”. Poem by Brooke solis and ankin timurian drawing by @bellahadream
02/19/2021 06:20
Miss Sixty 2021 Global campaign by @hugocomte @haleywollens Just signed my newest contract as the face of @misssixty... I have so many vintage pieces that I have collected over the years and I can’t wait to pair it all with the new! This is a dream, I’m so excited to see what we do together in the future! Thank you to my dream team @hugocomte @haleywollens @evaniefrausto @samvissermakeup @nailsbymei #ad
02/19/2021 02:11
STARTED WITH 5K YESTERDAY AND OVER NIGHT SURPASSED GRANDMA DAWNS GOAL OF 17 k , waking up today at 21k !!!! (SWIPE TO SEE HER REACTION!!!!❤️) We can do more!!! Please Let’s continue to go support Ms Dawn so she can continue to spread her Love, joy and bright bright light!!! Let’s go Harlem!!! I’m going right when I get home!!! @newyorknico !!!!!!! ???? Please read and share! ???? Harlem’s own Grandma’s Place needs our help now! Donate via link in my bio! Grandma’s Place (84 w. 120th st.) is a black-owned toy store in central Harlem filled with an array of toys and books aimed towards teaching the next generation. It is owned by one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met, 81 year old, Dawn Harris-Martine, better known to the neighborhood as Grandma Dawn. For the past 20 years, she has curated an environment of learning and family fun and has been dubbed the unofficial grandmother for the neighborhood. As a retired New York City school teacher, Grandma Dawn spends her time running her business and handpicking toys and books to support and teach the Harlem community where she has raised her children and grandchildren. Sadly, it has been impossible to make ends meet during the pandemic. When the government deemed the business as being "non-essential", it left Grandma's Place with no other option than being forced to close its doors while the rent continued to pile up. The landlords are not relieving her past rent and while she’s been funding the business out of her own pocket for months... even years, she can’t sustain it. So please go visit her ASAP and spend $$$ so we can keep this iconic establishment open. If you are not in NYC and would still like to support, her granddaughter has set up a GoFundMe . Thank you @joellegarguilo for putting me on! #momnpopdrop
02/18/2021 08:42
Just found these.... This is not how I feel right now but here we are
02/18/2021 12:16
@voguemagazine in @givenchyofficial With My Loves @gvsgvs @jordenbickham @gracegraceahn @mustafayanaz ????????‍♀️✨ @gvsgvs ・・・ Bella for American Vogue Forever muse ???? Photographed by @gvsgvs Styled by @jordenbickham Produced @itsmekellymcgee Set Design @nicholasdesjardins Make-up @gracegraceahn Hair @mustafayanaz Thank you @voguemagazine
02/16/2021 11:33
@d.lachezarov ????
02/16/2021 07:56
Lightworker....✨ @micaiahcarter
02/15/2021 10:14

Bella Hadid новости

31 июля 2020
Участие в фотосессии для издания приняли Кендалл Дженнер, Белла и Джиджи Хадид, Наташа Поли, Эва Андерсон и другие.
24 апреля 2020
23 апреля отпраздновала свое День рождение всемирноизвестная модели Джиджи Хадид.
21 февраля 2020
На днях прошел модный показ Fendi.
14 августа 2019
Белла Хадид стала блондинкой. После расставания с рэпером The Weeknd модель решила сменить имидж.
18 июля 2019
Белла Хадид часто меняет имидж, что присуще работе знаменитых людей. В этот раз модели удалось удивить поклонников неожиданным образом.
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