Инстаграм Ариана Гранде (Ariana Grande)

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limited edition @r.e.m.beauty thank u, next collection coming 1.18 ♡ one of my favorite parts? our jumbo #utmostimportance plumping gloss ????
01/13/2023 10:45
love a little retro glam with @florencebymills ????????️here’s what I used:- cosmic shadow (cusp) on inner eye corner- what’s my line? longwear eyeliner (action) waterline- out of this whirled marble bronzer (cool tone)- self-reflecting highlighter (self-love)- tint n tame eye brow pencil (light brown)- mark my words lip liner (poised)- work it pout plumping lip gloss (sunny hunny)
12/22/2022 09:45
12/11/2022 07:54
mod vanilla & mod blush out now???? @ultabeauty
12/01/2022 09:14
11/29/2022 01:27
december 1 ????♡???? Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush @ultabeauty ????????????????????????????????☕️????????
11/20/2022 05:00
happy first birthday to my sweet @r.e.m.beauty !!!!!!!!!!! i am so proud of this dreamy, vegan, other worldly line that we have created and i am so grateful for all of the gorgeous faces that have shown us so much love and support this first year out. it is so sincerely fulfilling to create in this capacity, to encourage creativity, self expression, and to see people feel their most beautiful ! there is so much unique beautifulness that is everywhere on this planet and in all of you, it makes me sob. ???? ♡ i feel so much intense love for all of you and gratitude for a life that allows me to create and connect with so many humans through various outlets of art, it is overwhelming at times (!!!) thank you and i cannot WAIT for you to see what we have in store for you this year, i am bursting with secrets. with deep love and gratitude.
11/12/2022 09:28
Be it Dog or Be it Bitch ????
10/30/2022 07:07